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Thank you to whoever recommended Wally Lamb!

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moulesfrites Mon 10-Aug-09 12:36:00

I think it was on a thread about coming of age American fiction. I have just read She's Come Undone and The Hour I first Believed and loved both of them. Looking forward to reading his other one, I Know This Much is True.

Maria2007 Mon 10-Aug-09 13:21:20

Yes, I like Wally Lamb too (although his novels are quite tragic, aren't they). His novels are the kind that you just 'fall into' and don't emerge until you've finished them.

moulesfrites Mon 10-Aug-09 16:27:26

yes, tragic is the word. DH couldn't believe it when I summarized the plot of them and he was like "have all of those terrible things really happened to one person during the course of one book?". But somehow it seems real and you fall into it as you say.

kikidee Tue 11-Aug-09 22:58:20

Hi moulesfrites, think I was on that thread and certainly recommended WL. Glad you have enjoyed them. I read the first 2 a while ago and got the new one for Christmas in hardback but I'm saving it for my holiday next week as it's too heavy to carry about with me! Love American fiction generally.

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