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Please help me identify this book.

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Frasersmum123 Sun 09-Aug-09 21:59:55

Watching Loius Theroux tonight has reminded me of a book but I cant for the life of me think who wrote it or what its called.

Its a true-tory of an American woman who spent a good part of her life addicted to drugs - her mum died when she was little and she spent alot of time in foster care. She becomes part of a gang and gets shot, then grows up still addicted to drugs. I remember parts of it so clearly but I dont think I actually finished it.

It was a big hit at the time, I am sure some clever MNetter will know exactly what I am talking about

yappybluedog Sun 09-Aug-09 22:02:45

Cupcake Brown?

mrspnut Sun 09-Aug-09 22:04:00

It isn't lullabies for little criminals is it?

Frasersmum123 Sun 09-Aug-09 22:21:24

Thanks Ladies - Yappy yes thats it - for some reason I got it into my head her name was Cookie and so my Google search turned up zilch

bluejeans Sun 09-Aug-09 22:22:45

mrspnut I thought same as you - good book

Frasersmum123 Sun 09-Aug-09 22:26:50

I have looked up lullabies for little criminals on Amazon and it looks very good - might have to treat myself

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