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TOP 5 BOOKS EVER.............?

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enprovence Sun 09-Aug-09 14:29:42

What are your top 5 books ever? I am desperate for some new reading matter for the hols and need some recommendations of your all time faves.

I will rack my brains and add mine...........

enprovence Sun 09-Aug-09 14:35:25

Sorry, this was supposed to be posted in 'fiction', not non fiction. Will try to move it!

grouchyoscar Sun 09-Aug-09 14:40:00

To Kill A Mockingbird

5 times grin

enprovence Sun 09-Aug-09 14:43:04

Must be good then wink. Never read it, will now!

grouchyoscar Sun 09-Aug-09 14:46:55

It is stunning, you'll love it. It's better than the film IMHO so that's going some.

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