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Best books for preparing toddler for arrival of little sister?

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franch Sun 22-May-05 17:38:16

DD is 16m - will be 19mo when her little sister arrives in Sept. Any book recommendations to get her used to the idea?

motherinferior Sun 22-May-05 18:02:24

THere's a picture book someone gave DD1; I'll try to find it under the morass of books in their room.

cod Sun 22-May-05 18:02:55

Message withdrawn

mememum Sun 22-May-05 18:04:03

Hi Franch! My DD1 was 20mo when DD2 arrived so quite similar. There is a book called New Baby in the toodler talk range by Ladybird. It is written by Marie Birkinshaw and costs £3.99. I found it really useful, it has all different scenarios on each page ranging from preparing for baby to feed times and bath times etc. The only thing my DD didn't like was that it was about a boy and his baby brother! The book is for upto a 3 year old. Hope this helps. I found all other books were for older children.

franch Sun 22-May-05 18:04:31

Oh I read about that one cod, sounds good - thanks for the recommendation

franch Sun 22-May-05 18:05:13

Thanks also MI & mememum

mememum Sun 22-May-05 18:05:35

Oops! I meant toddler!

franch Sun 22-May-05 18:06:17

toodler lol didn't spot that - I like it!

motherinferior Sun 22-May-05 18:15:58

I think - I've just looked, but it seems to be buried under other books - that ours is New Baby too. DD1 firmly thinks the small boy is her. Even though he looks nothing like her. But that I suspect says more about DD1 than anything else

tiddlypom Sun 22-May-05 18:31:33

It's Quacking Time by Martin Waddell is a great book - about a family of ducks getting ready to welcome a new duckling, not yet hatched.

sassy Sun 22-May-05 18:55:39

I want a sister (part of the little princess series - I want my potty etc) is nice.

Hausfrau Sun 22-May-05 19:09:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

katzguk Sun 22-May-05 19:21:20

waiting for baby


new baby

are both really good picture books, my DD loves them, there are pictures int he waiting for baby which show going for the scan and getting the nursery ready and the new baby one has pictures of a mummy breast feeding

mrspink27 Sun 22-May-05 19:36:04

zaza's baby brother by lucy cousins, really good same lady who writes maisy
really helped my dd1
also mummy laid an egg by babette cole... might be a bit old for your dd tho

pabla Sun 22-May-05 19:44:08

Agree with MrsPink on ZaZas Baby brother - my ds1 had to have it read to him twice every night when ds2 arrived

yoyo Sun 22-May-05 20:04:05

Sophie and the New Baby by Catherine and Laurence Anholt deals with the issue very well. It may be a little advanced for your DD but she will enjoy looking at the pictures.

franch Mon 23-May-05 08:38:45

What a great list of suggestions, thank you so much everyone

Oliviab Mon 23-May-05 21:50:49

We had the Ladybird book for DD (20m age gap) and she still makes me read it 4m later! Because the mum, dad and toddler all have short brown hair like us it was easy to use her name when reading it so she related to it really well.

franch Tue 24-May-05 08:04:13

I wish there was a book where the family looked like us Olivia! Seen any with a black dad, blonde mum and gorgeous brown little girl anywhere?

tiddlypom Tue 24-May-05 19:54:17

Franch, don't know if these will be of any interest, but they're v nice books!

Baby Poems by John Agard is lovely. Agard is a well-known Caribbean poet and has done loads of kids' books, according to my Amazon search - I've only seen this one and I really loved it.

One Round Moon (and a star for me) is about an African boy dealing with sibling rivalry when his brother (I think) is born. Great pix, and a good message!

franch Wed 25-May-05 11:49:07

They look lovely tiddly, thanks

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