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watched pride and prejudice last night (knightly version) and had a lovely romantic dream that i was Elizabeth Bennett...

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juicychops Sun 19-Jul-09 17:02:29

Was so disappointed when i woke up!!

I was Lizzy and Darcy we had declared our love for eachother etc. we walked through loads of fields together until we came to Lady Cathrine DeBergh's (sp) big stately home. we told her we was going to get married because we loved eachother etc and she was shocked and appalled at the idea and was very rude and horrible to me.

i have this bag of precious stones that i have been collecting since i was young and in the dream she showed an interest in them. i said she can keep them to prove to her how much i loved Darcy! i was very upset and Darcy picked me up and carried me out when lady catherine came after us and gave me back my stones and saying i can keep them and she gives her blessing for our marriage

it was all very romantic!!

juicychops Sun 19-Jul-09 17:03:36

that shouldn't say i was Lizzy AND Darcy!

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