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The Time traveller's Wife book

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ediemcreedie Wed 18-May-05 19:48:25

Is it worth me carrying on with it because frankly, its a drag and I am concerned I am going to get to the end and find out Henry is Jesus.

LIZS Wed 18-May-05 19:51:34

How far have you got ? It does make more sense as it progresses and you revisit the situations from the other perspective.

ediemcreedie Wed 18-May-05 19:52:02

Hmm... am up to his wedding.

emmatmg Wed 18-May-05 19:55:04

you must carry on.

this is the best book i have ever read and it left me feeling so many types of emotion, a book has never done that to me before.

It is a fantastic book imo.

debs26 Wed 18-May-05 19:55:46

really enjoyed reading it but got confused by ending - think it leaves a few things hanging. maybe im just thick and didnt get it, if im wrong then someone please tell me cos i hate it when books dont make everything clear (not on this thread tho obviously)

ediemcreedie Wed 18-May-05 19:55:51

IS he Jesus?( this is an american book after all)
Does she die?

LIZS Wed 18-May-05 19:59:20

debs26, not sure I really got the ending either - but, edie, if you really need to know.....

..... no and no . Keep reading !

Jeany Thu 19-May-05 09:57:18

Hi. Idon't really know if your allowed to just join in conversations but I loved this book. I was completly bored and nearly gave up to begin with but am so glad I didn't. It felt like the first half of the book was establishing the context so as to appreciate the relationship properly. I interpreted it as a desperatly sad love story. This book really touched me its one that i'll read over and over again. Sorry to go on, but no one I know has read it so I have no one to discuss it with.

debs26 Thu 19-May-05 10:00:32

but did you understand the ending jeany? loved the book but cant work out what the hell happened and its driving me mad (i lead a sad life). i found it incredibly sad aswell btw

singersgirl Thu 19-May-05 10:55:09

Yeah, I read back over the relevant passage and still couldn't really tie the bits up. I sort of know what happened but am not sure it was really clear. I enjoyed the book generally but found the ending a bit unsatisfactory.

emmatmg Thu 19-May-05 11:51:02

I worked out what happened but won't post it here as it'll spoil it for those still reading.

mummycan Sat 21-May-05 23:16:52

emmatmg - please post the ending - I have read it but am confused by the ending

mummycan Sun 22-May-05 19:49:57


debs26 Sun 22-May-05 20:01:44

mummycan there is another thread discussing the ending which warns people not to read it if they dont want to know so no one gets upset here . dont think emma has posted tho - please do!

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