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Those keeping track of how many books they read this year... tis Midsummer...

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TheFool Sun 21-Jun-09 19:43:34

So, anyone wanna post their numbers so far?

I'm intrigued

I'm on 33. Some are re-read old faves, some "easy" teen books, and some have been a slog.

Loving keeping a list though

I think this is the most reading I have done in a very long time.

janeite Sun 21-Jun-09 19:47:18

I haven't counted.


Although maybe a few less than normal, as I am really struggling to find anything to read.

have just read one that I really enjoyed though - here.

TheFool Sun 21-Jun-09 19:49:47

Ooh so kind of like a full length meatied up version of Benjamin Button? Sounds good

janeite Sun 21-Jun-09 19:52:39

It's lovely- and very sad. I don't know about BB so can't compare.

Wheelybug Sun 21-Jun-09 19:53:13

A not particularly impressive 18 here. But, in my defense, I had a baby in March. I read quite a lot just after she was born as I didn't get very far (c-sec) but now seem to have reached a brick wall and not reading much at all which makes me sad !

Trying to get started on one but too tired at the moment !

TotalChaos Sun 21-Jun-09 21:49:34


frisbyrat Sun 21-Jun-09 21:54:33




TwoIfBySea Sun 21-Jun-09 21:55:15

Would the Stitch n' Bitch series count?

If not then I'm on number 26 (and I don't count the ones I start but don't finish because I don't like them.)

TheFool Sun 21-Jun-09 22:10:36

Wheely - my numbers should drastically drop come October wink

lol @ stich n bitch counting

Janeite - think I'm going to be forced to get it. BB is lovely, but soooooooooo short and you have to fill in all the blanks. I've got a borders voucher here somewhere, but no idea where blush

Babbity Sun 21-Jun-09 22:13:47

32. Not bad.

Does anyone review them as they go along? I'm keeping track on the LivingSocial app on Facebook, and it's nice to look back and see what I thought immediately after finishing a book.

psychomum5 Sun 21-Jun-09 22:13:58


am seriously impressed with myself

all those, plus am here far too muchblush.

some have been re-reads of faves tho, and I HAVE been ill a lot <<makes excuses>>

DwayneDibbley Sun 21-Jun-09 22:23:41

Message withdrawn

Indiestarr Sun 21-Jun-09 22:36:46

How on earth do you manage to read so many? I've only read six so far this year and thought I was doing well! I absolutely love reading but just don't seem to get the time - there's only really bedtime and occasionally over dinner if I'm on my own. I don't watch much telly so I'm sure I'm not squandering my time on stuff like that. I'm dying to know how anyone with DCs can manage to read upwards of 30 books in six months!!! Please tell me your secrets!

janeite Sun 21-Jun-09 22:42:12

I do most of my reading in the bath - I have at least an hour in there every evening, without fail. It is my e time and I've always done this, even when the children were small. I am convinced that I would be insane without books.

I hardly ever watch television, so that helps too.

And I read very quickly.

psychomum5 Sun 21-Jun-09 22:44:54

I read quickly, plus I read on school runs (often have half hour to kill then), at dancing (same again with killing time), and before I go to sleep as otherwise I cannot get off.

pollywobbledoodle Sun 21-Jun-09 22:47:29

i easily read 3 a week....have always read loads
i hardly watch any tv
i am a crap sleeper
my dd is at school and i don't do too much housework blush

Babbity Sun 21-Jun-09 23:08:25

I work full time, so my reading is done at weekends and when the children are in bed. My house is a tip and I don't have any other hobbies....blush

TheFool Mon 22-Jun-09 06:39:29

I don't clean blush

TotalChaos Mon 22-Jun-09 14:15:19

I don't watch telly and have an erm minimalist approach to housework. I do some book reviews for a blog, eurocrime (

clemette Sat 27-Jun-09 23:11:04

I have read 17. Since having children I read much less than I did - but mainly because I discovered the lure of my laptop. Now I only read before bed and in the bath.

Mumwhensdinnerready Tue 30-Jun-09 19:52:02

I started counting after a thread on here around the new year. I'm on 23 which is not as many as I expected but there are many that I gave up and didn't count.

SuperBunny Tue 30-Jun-09 19:55:06

About 25 - I have 4 on the go now but 1 is a re-read.

MrsDanversAteMyIpod Tue 30-Jun-09 20:06:29

21, but that includes 2 Dickens which I can only digest 2-3 chapters at a time, am I excused? grin

roisin Tue 30-Jun-09 20:08:31

I half heartedly said I'd keep a record this year ... but I haven't! I've recently been reading some Melvin Burgess novels to censor how acceptable/unacceptable they are for teens at home/school.

Janeite have you come across Stolen by Lucy Christopher? I saw/heard her at the Hay Festival and was intrigued. But it wasn't really what I was expecting.

I've just bought ds1 for his birthday (among others) Why does E=mc2? because Brian Cox is his idol. No doubt I will get to read it when he's finished, but I'm not sure I'll be able to understand it!

janeite Wed 01-Jul-09 16:55:07

Not read that Rosin but thanks for the link.

What were your decisions about Burgess? I think he is rather hit and miss and sometimes rather 'out there' just for the sake of shock than for literary merit. I have just taken the decision to order some copies of 'Bloodsong' and 'Bloodtide' for independent readers in school though. DD1 didn't really get on with him.

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