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Wilfred Thesiger biography by Alexander Maitland- Is it worth persisting?

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Poppity Mon 15-Jun-09 16:38:59

I have tried several times to get in to this book as I love Wilfred Thesiger's own books, and he had such a fascinating life it seems.

This book though is just so boring. It just seems so list-like I think, the content is there but it is such a bland style.

If anyone has read it, please tell me it gets better. I have to keep going back and starting from the beginning despite having got a few chapters in each time, as it's too boring for any of it to have stayed in my head.....

I really want to like it- such an interesting man, with equally interesting contemporaries. Or does anyone know a better biography about him that they can suggest?

Poppity Mon 15-Jun-09 19:50:29


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