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Right. I have finished Quantum by Manjit Kumar and have come to the conclusion

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OrmIrian Sat 23-May-09 18:46:39

that quantum physicists are nutters!

How else can you explain beleiving that something only happens if you observe it? I used to think that when I hid my eyes when playing hide and seek as a very small child. And the cat thing is a bit daft, not to mention cruel .

I really enjoyed the book though. But wish I understand a bit more <thick>

Can anyone recommend an Idiot's guide to Quantum physics please?

rashmi87 Thu 09-Jul-09 12:56:20

Hi there

I am actually interning at Icon Books, the publisher of Quantum. One of the main aims of the book was to bring to the heart of the discussion, the human side of quantum physics and the men who discovered it. But I totally get your point that some of the physics involved is very difficult to get a handle on it.

Without wanting to use this as a promotion site, I can recommend another of our books, Introducing Quantum Physics, to explain and simplify the science behind the discoveries. It's really easy to understand and there are some good graphics to illustrate important points. There is also another book in the series called Introducing Relativity which you may also find useful.

For more information on these books check out

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