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My choice at book group tomorrow - I need non fiction recommendations

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lilibet Tue 03-May-05 10:22:03

We always pick a novel, so I thought that this month I would recommned some non fiction. We suggest three then the group picks one, so far thanks to Roisin I am suggesting Blue Eyed Son but need another couple. I thought of Round Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawkes.

anyone have any other suggestions - I don't fancy the 'I had a crap childhood' books, but would love other suggestions.

flashingnose Tue 03-May-05 10:23:53

What about "It's not about the bike" by Lance Armstrong? I knew nothing about cycling but thoroughly enjoyed this book - pretty inspirational .

starlover Tue 03-May-05 10:24:05

primo levi's books on his experience at auschwitz are amazing. if this is a man, and the truce are incredible books.
nto sure if it's really the type of thing you want though...

giraffeski Tue 03-May-05 10:27:05

Message withdrawn

beansmum Tue 03-May-05 10:28:16

I really enjoyed Elizabeth by David Starkey, was expecting it to be dull dull dull but couldn't put it down.

What about going solo by roald dahl?

gingerbear Tue 03-May-05 10:28:39

My absolute fave book is 'Tracks' by Robyn Davidson. It is about her journey across 1700 miles of Australian Desert with a camel and Diggity her dog.
Desert Places by the same author is also a fantastic read. It is about her travels with nomads in Northern India.
reviews here Tracks
and here Desert Places

purpleturtle Tue 03-May-05 10:29:28

"Once in a house on fire" is brilliant - but it is a bit 'I had a crap childhood'.

I enjoyed Hillary Clinton's autobiography

Tinker Tue 03-May-05 10:29:39

What about a Bill Bryson one?

compo Tue 03-May-05 10:29:42

The books by Dave Pelsey 'Child called It'. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. Or a biography by soneone everyone likes eg Barbara Windsor

Marina Tue 03-May-05 10:32:45

Tim Moore's book on the Tour de France is very funny and interesting - so much so that I have forgotten the title
A classic is "Something Wholesale: my adventures in the rag trade", by Eric Newby. His short-lived adult career in the fashion business his dad ran, and he grew up with. I love Eric Newby

flashingnose Tue 03-May-05 10:34:33

Why the Marina??

Marina Tue 03-May-05 10:35:30

To indicate how much I really love his writing. He is an ancient gnarly old married man, flashingnose, but what an original and funny mind.

Lonelymum Tue 03-May-05 10:43:29

Touching the Void by Joe Simpson is still the best non-fiction thing I have ever read, but it might just be my personal taste (I read a lot of mountaineering books).

Cristina7 Tue 03-May-05 10:45:19

A biography of Jane Austen by Claire Tomalin.

flashingnose Tue 03-May-05 10:58:42

OK - I wondered whether he was your Dad and everyone knew except me!

Marina Tue 03-May-05 11:02:16

I wish, but in certain respects (bitten by travel bug after horrendous WW2 experiences, wearer of wide shorts and a year-round suntan) he is very like my dad!

gggglimpopo Tue 03-May-05 11:05:27

"Bad Blood" by Lorna Sage is very good.

grumpyfrumpy Tue 03-May-05 11:21:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lilibet Tue 03-May-05 11:21:45

Starlover, I was looking at Anthony Sher's book about his one man show on Primo Levy this weeknd, Are they heavy going?

starlover Tue 03-May-05 11:23:21

not at all lilibet, I can't really describe it. It is honest and truthful without being very dark and depressing.
It is more of an account of how he survived auschwitz than how awful it was in there IFSWIM.
Of course, it IS awful, and it IS dark, but his way of writing makes it very easy to read

albert Tue 03-May-05 11:44:03

What about 'An Italian Education' by Tim Parks. It is really funny to read how the english view life in Italy and so so true!

MrsWednesday Tue 03-May-05 11:53:52

I'd also vote for Touching the Void. I stayed awake until 3 in the morning reading it, couldn't put it down. It's not the sort of book I would usually read but it is absolutely gripping.

Also Wild Swans if you haven't already read it (bit long though). Or Longtitude (can't remember who that's by).

bundle Tue 03-May-05 11:55:58

eats, shoots & leaves by lynn truss if you fancy being grammar curmudgeons..

Marina Tue 03-May-05 11:57:12

I think you mean Lynne Truss there bundle

bundle Tue 03-May-05 12:02:04

doh! the trubble is merina, you don't have to spell wright on the raydio...

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