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shopaholics...., P.S I love you, can you keep a secret etc...

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NannyJo Thu 28-Apr-05 21:55:03

i absolutely LOVED these books to bits couldn't put them down and this is unlike me i usually hate reading.

Has anyone read these and could recommend any similar style books? ( i find it hard to get into them and get bored too easily)

I'm off on holiday soon and could do with a few books to take.

I like easy reading books that i don't have to think to hard about.Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Ta.

bubblerock Thu 28-Apr-05 21:59:40

Hi NannyJo - I have read many easy reading books too

Nice to escape isn't it? Try Catherine Alliot, Jill Mansell & patricia Scanlon, can't think of any others at the moment but try your local charity shops as I find they have loads of these types of books!

NannyJo Thu 28-Apr-05 22:21:56

ok will do. Why doesn't Sophie Kinsella do more shopahloic books

bubblerock Thu 28-Apr-05 22:22:34

Have you read them all???

flea Thu 28-Apr-05 22:24:20

Marian Keyes books will prob work (Rachels Holiday, Watermelon etc..)

NannyJo Thu 28-Apr-05 22:33:07

yes i have read all the shopaholics books. i think there are about 6. Would recommend them, very funny

Linnet Thu 28-Apr-05 22:54:48

Some of my favourite authors are Jill Mansell, Chris Manby, Carole Matthews, Patricia Scanlan just discovered her. Sophie Kinsella obviously, Fiona Walker, Melissa Nathan, Katie Fforde, Jane Green, Freya North, Alice Hoffman is good and Jodi Piccoult.

I could go on and on. If you go to your local library they will have a book that has a list of authors who write like other authors. in my library it's held at the enquiries desk. Worth asking to have a look at it.

bubblerock Thu 28-Apr-05 23:02:48

Linnet, sounds like you read the same crap as me

Hazellnut Thu 28-Apr-05 23:40:18

I found out the other day that Sophie Kinsella writes under a different name too.... trying to think .... Melanie Wickman or something. Did the book something like the Wedding girl... ok will go and look it up and come back...

Hazellnut Thu 28-Apr-05 23:41:57

Madelaine Whickam ... I have only read one of them whic was the wedding girl. Slightly different style - not quite so light but quite light.

MarsLady Thu 28-Apr-05 23:45:24

<<quick hijack>> Did the bath seats arrive nannyjo? I haven't heard from you.

<<hijack over>>

Linnet Thu 28-Apr-05 23:58:06

I knew that Sophie Kinsella wrote under a different name but I've never managed to find out which one. I've never heard of Madelaine Wickham, will have to have a look for that author.

Bubblerock I love to read what can I say I'll read almost anything. Bet you can't guess what I do for a living.

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