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Has anyone read the new Lee Child?

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Pillow Fri 24-Apr-09 21:47:35

I was a bit meh about it. Not his best imo. He is doing a book signing in Guildford tomorrow. And Harlan Coben has a new Myron Bolitar book out at the end of the month. He also has book signings around London in May - near where I work in the City, Leadenhall Market, its 8 May at Waterstones. Has anyone ever gone to a signing? I'm not sure whether its worth going - I'd like to see Harlan but I'm not sure why, or what I'd say to him, really

Pillow Fri 24-Apr-09 21:56:38

OK, I will revert to lurking in the knowledge that my low-brow (sometimes) tastes are not shared !!

JackBauer Fri 24-Apr-09 22:07:52

I love Lee Child. More so as his are the onyl novels DH has ever read that he wasn't forced to at school.
not read the nwe one yet though, am waitin for it at the library [cheap] but may cave and buy it soon, although maybe not now you ahve said that!

Pillow Fri 24-Apr-09 22:20:18

Hello JB! No, don't be put off. I was only a little bit disappointed, still wouldn't have missed it. Libraries are great - our local one gets new books in before they're even published - don't know how, but its fab to get a book from the library before Amazon has it even!

Sidge Fri 24-Apr-09 22:32:28

I love Lee Child's books, but haven't read the new one yet.

His last one wasn't as great as the first half dozen but I still really enjoyed it. I rarely buy new books, especially in hardback, but as DH and I are huge Lee Child fans we tend to indulge and buy his books new smile

ZacharyQuack Sat 25-Apr-09 02:43:44

I love Lee Child, NZ and Australia seem to get them first so I read the new one a few weeks ago.

Gone Tomorrow is great, one of his best. Tight thriller, lots of suspense and excellent "Reacher against the bad guys at impossible odds" showdown at the end. And.... not giving away any plot spoilers.... but I did think of MN during the <whispers> Crocs episode.

tillyfernackerpants Mon 27-Apr-09 19:27:04

What's the new LC one called? I thought I'd read them all to date.

Pillow, I would be tempted to go, sometimes the authors give a little chat and are really interesting. Looking forward to the new Myron Bolitar book as well!

cocolepew Tue 05-May-09 20:27:59

The new Myron one is fabulous.
I love LC but I think Reacher is getting a bit too know -it -all and humourless. (sorry Lee grin)

jackoneshotreacher Mon 11-May-09 15:45:06

Hi, I work for the marketing department of Transworld Publishers who publish Lee Child’s books in the UK. We’ve just put together a really cool interactive game that allows fans to choose their favourite type of coffee and stand a chance of winning a Sony Reader and Jack Reacher books. I prefer a strong fresh coffee, made from a blend of Brazilian and Ethiopian beans, with a dash of skimmed milk and chocolate sprinkles and served in a takeaway cup (or put in what you like here!). Tell us how you like yours at

nkf Fri 03-Jul-09 20:58:38

I thought his latest was terrific. Back on form.

simpson Fri 03-Jul-09 21:00:33

Have saved his new one for my holiday in a few weeks.

Glad to hear its good!! smile

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