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Fridays Childs?????

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cp3 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:00:05

REVIEW - Sounds good, anyone read it? Im desperate for a good bokk as ive run out of mu usual authors!!!!

What has she done that is so terrible? Once a sunny, loving child, secure in the knowledge that she was ‘special’, bringing joy into the lives she shared, an ironic twist of fate catapults Sandra into the torrid world of abuse. Tormented, hated, her young life violated, at just fourteen years old she was contemplating suicide. Cast aside, taken into care and into a world that was almost as alien to her as to the one inhabited by her own tormentors, she is lonely and vulnerable. Small wonder that at barely sixteen she finds herself pregnant with nowhere to turn. Entering into a loveless marriage, Friday’s Child soon holds in her arms her own priceless gift, the joy of her own daughter. This book is about hope, of overcoming terrible adversity, of a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis; how a strong, loving young woman is made all the more determined to make something of her life because of the deprivation she suffered as a child. Having lost a loving adopted mother, to be abused by a stepmother, she believes she must find her natural mother, and so sets out to find her. Yet ultimately it is the love she received as a young child from her adopted mother that sits at her shoulder and sees her through.

cp3 Sun 24-Apr-05 18:00:24

book not bokk

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