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Please Recommend a good Erotic/Adult Fiction Book...

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BedofRosesItAintII Fri 03-Apr-09 21:37:40

...that has an 'ordinary' cover so as not to draw attention to itself?wink

NutterlyUts Fri 03-Apr-09 21:43:11

what about downloading content from literotica into a folder on the laptop ?

Tortoise Fri 03-Apr-09 21:48:06

My friend recommended this to me.
Her friend told her it was what is know as a good clit tickler!

I have yet to get a copy so i have no idea what it is like!

BedofRosesItAintII Fri 03-Apr-09 22:03:38

Thanks NutterlyUts and Tortoise.

Will order book blush and begin downloading, although my MNing time may be compromised grin

BedofRosesItAintII Fri 03-Apr-09 22:07:11

Although book on closer inspection is about vampires, which is not my thing.

Would really like something based on modern, real life.


BedofRosesItAintII Fri 03-Apr-09 22:50:03

Okay am off to bed.

BitOfFunnyBunny Fri 03-Apr-09 22:51:25

I love the Nancy Friday ones, you know, My Secret Garden etc.

BedofRosesItAintII Sat 04-Apr-09 19:52:55

I am hoping for something raunchy but not to hardcore, more romantic and in the context of attraction/relationship IYKWIM?

Perhaps I am looking for a slightly stronger Mills & Boon (are they still about? Used to read as a pre-pubescent young girl blush). Would like more complex and realistic characterisation etc with the aforementioned extras wink

I am looking Nancy Friday on Amazon, thanks Bitofbunny

BedofRosesItAintII Sat 04-Apr-09 19:53:23

BitOfFunnyBunny even!

yappybluedog Sat 04-Apr-09 20:35:58


RubyBlueberry Sat 04-Apr-09 20:38:18

Anne Rice has some books about "Sleeping Beauty", very S&M, and a weeny bit ott (IMHO) but very pretty covers!!!

BedofRosesItAintII Sat 04-Apr-09 20:56:34

Am adding loads to my wishlist grin

Helium Sun 05-Apr-09 21:46:48

Fanny Hill or Memoirs of a woman of pleasure - it's a 'classic' book so probably not even stored int he erotica section - you may find it amongst the 'Classic' section. Brownie points for being well read too..??!?!

Servalan Sun 05-Apr-09 22:39:51

Are you looking for the main thrust (ooh er) of the book to be romance or erotica?

If romance, Mills & Boon are still going. I have read a few recently because I saw the BBC 4 "How To Write a Mills & Boon" documentary and was thinking about trying to write one.

They have different categories of book now. The "Modern" category books that I have read have some sex in them. The sex scenes didn't do it for me personally, but I find reading romantic erotica a bit like watching people snogging on a bus. I'd rather read straightforward romance without the sex or straightforward filth without the romance grin

Looking at their website, they also have a category called "Blaze" which looks like it's more sexy (though the covers are also a little more racy)

Servalan Sun 05-Apr-09 22:42:54

BTW I buy all my M&B books in charity shops really cheaply. That way you could have a look and see if you like them. I look for books that were published after 2000 (in my case because I want to see what sort of stories they are accepting right now). The category of book is on the front cover. (The books in the "Romance" category stop short of the sex btw)

BedofRosesItAintII Mon 06-Apr-09 21:24:21

I think I will set off for the charity shops it is like a good idea.

I think I want a bit of romance and then some really good the book grin

Lots to explore. Thanks so much smile

accessorizequeen Mon 06-Apr-09 21:26:43

Jennifer Crusie. Especially Welcome to Temptation. Perfectly ordinary covers, lots of sex grin! Also some of the Little Black Dress books are quite steamy.

BedofRosesItAintII Mon 06-Apr-09 21:33:50

Have just had a quick look on Amazon, the reviews are very positive. She has written loads too.

The Little Black Dress Books look good as well, thanks Accessorizequeen.

accessorizequeen Mon 06-Apr-09 21:36:35

She is fab, I have reread it several times!

EffiePerine Mon 06-Apr-09 21:42:12

Jennifer Crusie is fabulous

Lani Diane Rich - really enjoyed The Fortune Quilt

also try Lori Foster - some of them are a bit production lineish but Say No to Joe is a good one... but beware fo the covers which often feature nekkidness

I've been reading some Shannon McKenna which is a bit too steamy for me tbh but try one of hers and see what you think

There seem to be lots of US writers in the romantic-fiction-modern-M&B genre. Little Black Dress publish lots of them.

solidgoldshaggingbunnies Mon 06-Apr-09 21:46:35

this lot are not bad. ANd they do ebooks so you could print one out and stick a nice plain cover on it (or indeed buy a book and stick the cover of a religious text on it anyway...)

solidgoldshaggingbunnies Mon 06-Apr-09 21:47:38

IN general, authors who are romantic-ish but rude in the general erotic imprints: try Cleo Cordell, Portia Da Costa.

BedofRosesItAintII Mon 06-Apr-09 21:51:50

Have just ordered 'Welcome to Temptation' got it for 1p! (plus P&P but still cheap) Couldn't resist buying it, after all the positive reviews.

Looks like Good Friday is sorted grin

BedofRosesItAintII Mon 06-Apr-09 21:58:15

Wow, you ladies (women) are really outdoing yourselves, am off back to Amazon to check out all the recommendations.

Just remember that I am not supposed to be sending too much money in the current economic climatesmile

What are erotic imprints solidgoldshaggingbunnies? (I like the idea of a cover of religious text but would be afraid of Divine retribution!)

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 08-Jul-09 16:50:19

Not fiction but highly recommend Nancy Friday.


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