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Half way through a book and just realised its a teen book

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redsock Tue 24-Feb-09 22:31:55

It was on the recently brought back adult shelf.
It is called 'the last free cat' by Jon Blake.

I thought the writing was rather easy but thought that was because it is from the girl in it's point of view- think she is 14.

Anyway am really enjoying it, anyone read it?

HappyCrappy Tue 24-Feb-09 22:59:18

No, haven't read that one, but will admit to guilty Trudi Canavan reads (purloined from teen DD's room). Really crap, really, really crap, but ridiculously absorbing. EEk and EEuw. What had come over me?

girlandboy Tue 24-Feb-09 23:06:43

I work in a library and regularly read the teen books.

My favourites are by Celia Rees such as Witch Child and also it's sequel Sorceress

Nowt wrong with 'em!!

elkiedee Thu 26-Feb-09 01:11:25

Aarrrgh stop making me want to read new books! Actually, I'm curious about this because Jon Blake is one of my Facebook friends, a friend of a friend, and we have a shared political perspective/interest (don't know if that's reflected in his writing). Think he also has a young son, don't know if he or his dp/dw are on Mumsnet!

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