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Whats the best Stephen King book?

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juicychops Mon 11-Apr-05 23:01:26

Whats the best Stephen King book?

colditzmum Tue 12-Apr-05 00:48:32

It has to be Rose Madder!

but then again I loved Insomnia too.

I wish though, that the idiot who writes the blurbs would read the book first, because he made insomnia sound like a bad thriller, and really it's heavy on the fantasy

suzywong Tue 12-Apr-05 00:51:19

The Shining

Absolutely bloody terrifying, far more frightening than the film

No wonder Joey kept it in the freezer

colditz Tue 12-Apr-05 00:54:03

The shining is scary, but since I had my son, I refuse to read Pet Semetary <<<<shudder>>>>

AussieSim Tue 12-Apr-05 04:21:51

His memoir on writing ... I can't read or watch horror, but I absolutely loved the movie The Green Mile - sobbed my heart out. I should probably grab the book and see how loyal they were to it.

bettys Tue 12-Apr-05 08:20:43

The Stand. Not very scary but a good read, & I think made it into the nation's top 100 favourite books

sahara Tue 12-Apr-05 08:50:28

I used to like "IT" and the tommyknockers, both quite chilling but what a shame about the films.
Oh and of course Misery,

bonniej Tue 12-Apr-05 08:54:33

IT and the Stand, then again Insomnia was pretty good too. Couldn't stand Dreamcatcher and gave up half way through

suzywong Tue 12-Apr-05 09:13:07

Gerald's Game was rubbish

Gobbledigook Tue 12-Apr-05 09:14:15

Not read other posts but The Stand, by far.

Also loved The Running Man (which is of course quite different from the film) and The Long Walk which he wrote as Richard Bachman.

bunny2 Tue 12-Apr-05 20:34:57

The Stand

to scaredto read The Shining!

juicychops Tue 12-Apr-05 21:20:43

The shining is one of the best books i have ever read apart from 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' and the Harry Potter books. Its nothing like the film... 10000 times better than the film as are all books

Gobbledigook Tue 12-Apr-05 21:30:28

Have none of you read The Long Walk - it's brilliant. Read it - he wrote it under the name Richard Bachman though.

TinyGang Tue 12-Apr-05 21:53:06

It's been ages since I read a SK book. Pet Cemetary really scared me; Needful Things was good and I liked It.

Quite agree about the films - they read like they'd make great films, but I don't know, they always come out a bit naff.

Was Langoliers(sp) by SK? That was good, I thought as a made for TV type film.

mummylonglegs Tue 12-Apr-05 22:22:30

The Stand. I read it a long long time ago and haven't read any SK for over 20 years but that book really stays in my mind as a very compelling and memorable read.

expatinscotland Tue 12-Apr-05 22:36:44

Toss up between The Shining and Pet Cemetary.

ootslooJ Tue 12-Apr-05 22:38:09

The Stand
The Long Walk - short story

boobie Tue 12-Apr-05 22:42:00

Pet semetary made me bawl out loud. The Stand was pretty epic and The Long Walk was good too. Read all his stuff. Thinner put me off diets for life. Hard to choose a BEST of his though, you've set me thinkin.g

biglips Tue 12-Apr-05 22:42:01

im really into the "Insomnia" which i have been reading on and off for the past 2 yrs (i will never get to the end ) as other books i read it quick but this one it seems to be taking forever and i go off it for abit and then go back to it

Gobbledigook Tue 12-Apr-05 22:42:39

Oh yes, forgot Thinner - that's a great one too!

ootslooJ Tue 12-Apr-05 22:46:39

crap ones

Geralds Game
Rose Madder
Dolores Clairborne
Pet Sematary

also like

Needful Things
The Green Mile

TinyGang Tue 12-Apr-05 22:47:26

Salem's Lot was good too.

rogan2001 Tue 12-Apr-05 23:18:43

Thinner and The dark tower ones. the worst one has to be Tommyknockers, terrible.

MamaMaiasaura Tue 12-Apr-05 23:25:21

IT scared me silly.. hated clowns since

misdee Tue 12-Apr-05 23:25:25

the girl who loved tom gordon.

very excellant read.

also rose madder and IT.

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