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twoluvlykids Sun 01-Feb-09 13:28:48

I read it yesterday, for the 1st time!

Can't believe I'm the age I am and never read it.

DS told me the story last week (it's one of his GCSE books) - btw, they're only reading 2 chapters and watching the film! - so I went to Smith's yesterday afternoon, bought it, and finished it before bed.

Felt so sad for the Creature.

And it's really OK to read, despite being nearly 200 years old - the language isn't difficult at all.

Any one else love it?

kickassangel Sun 01-Feb-09 13:38:40

taught it for a level for several years.

i find ti hard to feel sympathy for frankenstein, he appears soarrogant, but we're supposed to admire him.
originally the monster was seen as being horrendous, sympathy for him is a more modern interpretation (partly due to how the book was adapted & presented at the time). you do feel sorry for him ....BUT, he did kill all those people who really didn't deserve it.
also, he's an aborration of nature & the powers of god/nature can only be righted by frank & the monster being destroyed. all traces must be wiped out (according to lit traditions)

twoluvlykids Sun 01-Feb-09 13:43:49

Yet, it was the evil he learnt from people which made him kill innocent people.

I couldn't drum up an ounce of sympathy for Frankenstein, even when his wife was murdered.

If the Creature had his own wife, I wonder if they would have lived happily together, away from others? I couldn't see it - the female Creature wouldn't have liked it, having to go with choices made for her by 2 men, b/4 she was created.

kickassangel Sun 01-Feb-09 13:51:55

but it's also about choice, frank chose to follow the path he did, in spite of may warnings, and it's his arrogance that leads to his downfall ( a bit like lucifer). the creature chose to react the way he did, he knows there's the option of living quietly away from people but doesn't do it.
robert walton heeds the warnings & chooses to turn back.
we cannot usurp god, if we try to better our maker all the forces of heaven & earth will be inleashed to reassert the natural order. (in lit, not real life).

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