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John Updike's dead

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lilyfire Tue 27-Jan-09 22:17:06

I'm really sad about it. I've only read the Rabbit books and loved them, for reasons that are hard to explain, except they are brilliantly written. I found him really hard at first, as his hero is so shockingly 'male' to start with, but so glad I perserved. I've sort of been put off reading any others, as I was scared I wouldn't enjoy them as much. People have said the Rabbit books are really his best. But if anyone has any other recommendations for others of his (maybe Couples?) I'd be grateful.

PuzzleRocks Wed 28-Jan-09 09:56:42

Bumping for you.

LightShinesInTheDarkness Wed 28-Jan-09 10:00:05

This is an author I have never read, so would be very interested to hear other's recommendations and suggestions.

VersdeSociete Wed 28-Jan-09 13:03:22

Ah, I cried in my bath about this. Couples is very good. Marry Me is brilliant. They are all good really but the Rabbits are astonishing. His memoirs are wonderful too, And the recent ones about aging...

scampadoodle Wed 28-Jan-09 13:05:05


Couples is good, definitely read that.

VersdeSociete Wed 28-Jan-09 13:06:50

Yesterday. He was 70-sometting. Always thought he'd be around for a long time. And get a Nobel prize.

LadyThompson Mon 16-Feb-09 19:21:37

VersedeSociete is quite right. Marry Me and Couples. I adored him but some of the others are hit and miss. But who cares. He was experimental (and true to himself, he wrote the books he wanted to write).

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