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Long Shot, Childs picture board book, does this ring a bell with anyone

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jenkel Thu 17-Mar-05 23:33:46

DD1 had a lovely picture board book which we have since lost. It had no words in it, just a different picture on each page, the artwork was lovely and I would love to be able to find it for DD2 or at least buy another copy. But, I have no idea what it is called or the author. So does any of this ring a bell with any of you. It was a square book, some of the pictures that I could remember, a dog, a wellington, a hill over 2 pages I think and the last page was a snow scene with a snowman. I realise that this is a long shot but if you think you have this book could you please let me know what it is called and the author/illustrator.

SoupDragon Fri 18-Mar-05 07:50:06

bumpig up for morning crowd. Doesn't ring a bell with me I'm afraid.

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