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Who first told me about Flat Stanley? THANK YOU!

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roisin Thu 17-Mar-05 18:21:38

Dss both love these books, and they seem to fill a gap in the market.

DS2 (5) has only recently started reading chapter books to himself, but they have to be exciting, and we have to read a few chapters together first (taking turns) and leave it at a cliffhanger for him to have the motivation to 'read on'.

But tonight for the first time he started a book for himself, and it's another Stanley one. I just popped up to check on him, half an hour on, and he's completely engrossed, 32 pages in!
It feels like another milestone passed Thank you

desperatehousewife Thu 17-Mar-05 18:22:34

Flat stanley was my favourite book when I was little. I've just bought it for my DS too!!

singersgirl Thu 17-Mar-05 19:36:19

Thanks too to the poster who suggested "The Legend of Spud Murphy" as Ds1 (6), who is reading "HP and the Philosopher's Stone" with me at the moment at bedtime, has chosen to read "LoSM" independently when he can't sleep - he doesn't want to read on in HP without me. He's about half way through - it's not very long.
We have the Flat Stanley books too, so will suggest those next, as well as a couple of unread Mr. Majeikas.

AuntyQuated Thu 17-Mar-05 19:40:50

oh, hello Roisin--- have hjust emailed you.

we are reading FS with ds, a pack from the Book Poeple; we are on S & the magic lamp. ds loves them but they don't do much for me. think i got the short straw as DH & DD are reading Danny Champion of the World and i think DH is enjoying it even more than DD!!!

Enid Thu 17-Mar-05 19:53:51

thats amazing - 5!

We love Flat Stanley too

roisin Thu 17-Mar-05 20:05:15

He's nearly 6 Enid

I agree about Flat Stanley AQ - I would rather they read them themselves than expect me to read them! We got the bargain pack from the Book People too.

Spud Murphy though is excellent. I will happily read that aloud again - love it! Should be compulsory reading for all librarians. (The ones at the main library are scary.)

I loved Danny Champion of the World as a child. I actually soaked raisins in brandy with a friend, and we put them out for the pheasants in her farm, but it didn't work! Fortunately for the pheasants we didn't have access to sleeping tablets!

Demented Thu 17-Mar-05 22:32:51

I would like to say thank you for Flat Stanley too. When it was mentioned on MN it did ring a vague bell, bought the first book and DS1 loves it. Can't wait 'till he's ready to read for himself, well done to your DS2, Roisin!

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