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Is anyone else reading Ben Goldacre's Bad Science?

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beansprout Mon 13-Oct-08 20:40:02

It really is rather marvellous. grin

mooki Mon 13-Oct-08 20:51:26

Yes, am enjoying it lots. I have to read very simple non-fiction books as my brain doesn't keep up with anything complex. I think because it was a newspaper column it's easier to digest.

Also enjoyed the God Delusion and Derren Brown's Tricks of the Mind.

I just wished I remembered the good bits afterwards so I could be intelligent in discussions.

beansprout Tue 14-Oct-08 15:52:43


northernrefugee39 Wed 15-Oct-08 12:04:12

I love his column and blog, but haven't read the book- may get it now- thankyousmile
mooki- agree about The God Delusion too. Have you red God is not Great- Christopher Hitchens?

MamaHobgoblin Fri 24-Oct-08 16:07:31

Read it on holiday, and despite not getting through books that fast now I've got ds to run around after, I virtually swallowed it whole! grin I'd recommend it to anyone, although I did find his digs at 'arts and humanities educated Guardian readers' a bit unnecessary. hmm

BitOfFun Fri 24-Oct-08 16:13:26

read this a few weeks ago - I loved it, though I'd never seen his column, and I'm not a sciencey type really. It was very funny. I read one a few months ago called "Suckers" I think, about alternative therapies, and was very shock, I would recommend it too

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