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Time Traveller's Wife - Spoilers present!

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lilibet Thu 03-Mar-05 11:02:44

I finished this a few weeks back and have been pleased to see that other people have read it too. It wasn't my book group read - just finished Small Island for that, but it waqs recommended by someone at book group. What did everyone think of it. I have read some fantastic reviews and although I enjoyed it, I wouldn't go over the top with praise. I felt that the ending was too ambiguous - how did he die? I did break my heart at the bit with his daughter.

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 11:21:20

Message withdrawn

MrsWednesday Thu 03-Mar-05 11:30:46

I loved much so that I just took the ending at face value, and didn't really question it. What didn't you like about it?

I think he died when he was shot by Claire's dad and brother when they were out hunting. Do you know the bit I mean? When she heard him calling her name and went outside and there was blood on the snow. I assumed he'd then time-travelled back to the present, covered in blood, then died.

Dior Thu 03-Mar-05 11:33:12

Message withdrawn

MrsWednesday Thu 03-Mar-05 11:38:18

I really must go back and re-read the ending... I'm supposed to be talking about it in my book club next Thursday! I think I was probably blinded by tears at that point.

lilibet Fri 04-Mar-05 14:36:05

Small Island is an excellent read if you need something to recommend to a group.

LIZS Fri 04-Mar-05 14:42:21

Wasn't he there simoultaneously, to meet Clare, so he witnessed his own death as it were and was transported back to his later present to die. (Read it a few months back and may have misremembered)

Dior Fri 04-Mar-05 15:07:54

Message withdrawn

Potty1 Fri 04-Mar-05 15:13:51

My understanding was that he had travelled as a 43(?) year old, got shot and travelled back to the present and died. As a younger man he'd also travelled back to the exact same time and witnessed the aftermath of his death (talking to Claire's father) although not the actual shooting.

I really enjoyed it.

stitch Sat 05-Mar-05 09:42:27

i loved this book. look forward to other books by this author.
since the book was entitled his wife, i thought it wouldhave been nice to know how she coped with the fifty years before she saw him again.

Aimsmum Fri 18-Mar-05 19:34:19

Message withdrawn

morningpaper Fri 18-Mar-05 19:39:10

Oooh no not Brad Pitt.

Kevin Spacey?

Aimsmum Fri 18-Mar-05 19:43:18

Message withdrawn

Dior Fri 18-Mar-05 20:37:15

Message withdrawn

stitch Fri 25-Mar-05 23:49:23

henry isnt supposed to be a pretty boy at all.
brad pitt is soo wrong.

renaldo Fri 01-Apr-05 12:15:03

nicholas cage for henry!!

Potty1 Fri 01-Apr-05 12:24:36

Yeah! good idea or Christopher Eccleston.

lilibet Fri 01-Apr-05 12:25:16

oh yes - Christopher Eccleston now he's out of a job!

GhostofNatt Fri 01-Apr-05 12:59:37

Keanu reeves would look more like - dark hair and slanty eyes but is a rubbish actor

spykid Sun 03-Apr-05 10:45:03

thought about this a lot, Ralph Fiennes (shakespeare in love) would be perfect

darlingbud Sun 03-Apr-05 20:52:57

I bought it in February but not read it yet. Been interested to read all your views on it though.

posyhairdresser Sun 03-Apr-05 20:57:16

Definitely my fave read of the year so far! MrsW's ending is in line with what I thought happened FWIW!

hsanders Mon 04-Apr-05 19:45:34

One of my favourite books ever and I normally read crime novels, but somehow just felt compelled to buy it purely because of the cute shoes on the front! Marketing works then?

Cried when he died and also when he met his daughter at the museum.

Loved it also because I have lived in Chicago so really pictured where they were at different times of their life.

Brilliant read and would recommend it to everyone.

florenceuk Mon 04-Apr-05 21:17:08

I loved this book - so romantic and so sad. Brad Pitt is not Henry though at all.

catsnkids Wed 06-Apr-05 19:17:35

Thought the book was excellent. Got to be one of my all time favorites. I think Tom Hanks would be better to play Henry or Dustin Hoffman i know he is older but Henry looks older than his age. Maybe Tom Haks would be too tall.

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