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The Baby in the Mirror - Charles FernyHaugh

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Kevlarhead Mon 29-Sep-08 21:54:53

ANyone else read this? It's a book about how children develop mentally over the first 3 years of life (basically it's like my developmental psychology class all over again) but written in a really engaging style.

The other thing that's nice is that the author used his own daughter to exemplify each point that he makes, taking examples of how she develops, getting balance and language skills.

And all the way through is the constant reminder of the relationship they have, and the love that goes between them.

Which is nice. Recommended anyway.

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Lucifera Mon 06-Oct-08 13:17:37

sounds lovely, I read an interview with him in a newspaper around the time it was published and wanted to read it so thanks for reminding me.
There was something similar published a few years ago, "Madeleine's World: A child's journey from birth to age three" by Brian Hall. It's out of print but available second-hand if you are interested. I found it very moving and fascinating.

Kevlarhead Tue 07-Oct-08 00:01:38

It turned up in the recommended reading at the end of TBITM...

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