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so is it really worth the time and effort of listing all my old books on amazon or green metropolis?

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overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 15:02:11

does anyone regularly sell books this way?

I have loads of books I won't re-read and I need the space and the cash would be great motivation!

OR could I list what I have here for all you book worms?

purpleturtle Thu 25-Sep-08 18:23:59

I sold some on Amazon a few years ago. I can't remember how many, unfortunately, but I do remember that I did better passing a list round my friends. I can't remember what I asked for them either - something fairly nominal, like a couple of quid each, I think.

oeufflorentine Thu 25-Sep-08 20:16:25

AMazon's worth it IF you aren't selling books of which there are already 50+ on the market. Always undercut the lowest price available. This technique worked for me last year; shifted loads and put some money in the bank.

geogteach Thu 25-Sep-08 20:36:50

Green metropolis is easy to list. Not sure you will make your fortune but I list books and then store them under the stairs, and get them out and post when I sell one. I sell enough to keep myself in books off green metropolis but never bother to cash in.

overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 20:53:15

tbh i'd be happy with £1 or £2 for each - need shelf space and always need money!!

good idea to pass list around friends though

daffodill6 Thu 25-Sep-08 21:06:59

Have you tried your local market bookstall? don't think you'll get £1 each but you can move a quantity if you need to and negotiate with an individual

overthemill Thu 25-Sep-08 21:08:43

ooh, so do i just ask them if they buy books?

daffodill6 Thu 25-Sep-08 22:28:41

Yes,we've 2 markets where I am and both have secondhand bookstalls that buy (and obviously sell) ..think the going rate is far below £1 each ( could be down to 20p) but it depends on what you have to offer.

But for buying its great!

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