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The new Harry Potter book....

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cornfield Sat 26-Feb-05 19:32:58

was in smiths today and was asked if wanted to order the new HP book for £9.99 which will be out July 16th, did so and only had to pay a's retailing at £16.99 so well worth popping into smiths (Whsmiths) for if you can....before April 2nd..

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 19:33:48

ive already got mine preordered

cornfield Sat 26-Feb-05 19:35:51

great you feelin today Tammybear

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 19:37:23

not too bad cornfield, better than i have done, you?

cant wait for the new book, comes out day before my birthday so told my mum dont care what i get as long as i get that even started rereading the first five

cornfield Sat 26-Feb-05 19:41:24

glad to hear you're okay...ds keeps getting me to read them, I swear that once read 50 pages of first one will be're a cancerian ....nice people[smiel]

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 19:42:36

only read them after the fifth book came out, and the films were out, and i just wanted to see what the fuss was about. now i cant put them down lol. finished the fifth book in about a week!

merrygoround Sat 26-Feb-05 20:12:41

The new one comes out the day before my birthday too Tammybear!! And like you I only read them after the first five were already out, and now I swear I am a total addict. If there was a Harry Potter convention (like the Star Trek ones) I have a horrible feeling I would go. I am currently rereading the fifth book, having read the first four twice since Christmas! What is it about them? I never read books twice (apart from Jane Eyre), and here i am reading the whole series again. Tonight we have the third video to see for the first time (prisoner of Azkaban) and I am so excited.

MummytoSteven Sat 26-Feb-05 20:13:35

what did you all think of the 5th one- I really wasn't that keen - thought it was a bit too unremitting miserable.

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 20:14:31

lol i was watching that last night! i got all three films on dvd for christmas too. i cant remember a book ive read twice.

cornfield Sat 26-Feb-05 20:16:18

dunno but thought the Prisoner of Azkaban was the best of the films....btw do you mind me asking how often you read in a week....2 hours 2 times a week....or what as never seem to have the time ...

Dior Sat 26-Feb-05 20:17:24

Message withdrawn

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 20:18:39

I have to say i was a bit disappointed about who got killed off, lol (dont worry wont say who!). And took me a while to get into it too. Id say my favourite out of the five was the fourth book. I usually read a chapter a night now, except when I was first reading them, I was probably reading four or five chapters a night, and even read some during the day lol

merrygoround Sat 26-Feb-05 20:20:38

Loved the fifth book best of all. I loved the dynamic between Dumbledore and Harry, and the stuff with Snape, and the unremitting nastiness of Umbridge, and the way the kids (is that the right word?) fought behind her back.

MummytoSteven Sat 26-Feb-05 20:21:48

i thought Prisoner was the best film so far, and probably that or the first one was the best book

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 20:23:46

oh yeah i forgot about umbridge. i end up getting confused which one was which lol. i went through the fifth one so quick, just to find out what dumbledore was going to tell harry, which didnt happen til the end! i read the back of the book, and was like ooo whats he gonna say? i love the bit in the minstery place.

merrygoround Sat 26-Feb-05 20:27:14

Prisoner of Azkaban my second favourite, and must go now to order a take away so that we can watch it. A friend said she hated the films so much she never bought any more of the books, but I have found them really entertaining. BTW, read for about 45 mins before bed, and on train on way to and from work 3 days a week. But when on first round of HP books would be reading till I literally couldn't keep my eyes open, and as I walked along the street, and had to put a later start time on my time sheet cos I had to keep reading even when I'd got to the office... Oh, and love reading in the bath, but only get that luxury about once a week.

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 26-Feb-05 20:27:43

Harry Potter was my saviour whilst I was PG.

I'd never watched the films because I thought it was just a childrens thing. Dh and I read all the books watched the films and I even went out and bought the games for the playstation

I'm going to read the last one again because I'd got three quarters of the way through it and then gave birth to dd so it was a while before I got back in to it.

Can't wait for the new one to come out. I think Asda's going to be selling it for £9.97. I read that somewhere.

Roll on July!

expatinscotland Sat 26-Feb-05 20:28:32

I had mine pre-ordered the day that became an option. I'm taking the day of its arrival and the day after off work so I can read, read, read!!

merrygoround Sat 26-Feb-05 20:29:13

Tammybear I am SO tempted to read the end of the 5th book - but there is a delicious pleasure in the anticipation of the ending so I am resisting. Have about 200 pages to go. The best thing about the later books is that they are lovely and long.

expatinscotland Sat 26-Feb-05 20:31:04

DON'T DO IT, MERRY! It's sooooo worth the wait!

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 20:32:10

lol merrygoround, i kept thinking about doing that too. i would flick through the last few chapters just to see what was coming up I think the films were good, but definetly better reading the books. Thought Prisoner of Azkaban was definetly the better of the three films, but maybe thats because the actors are older? I dont like the new Dumbledore though but Richard Harris who played him the first two films died didnt he? Will definetly go see the fourth one when its out

expatinscotland Sat 26-Feb-05 20:32:43

Yes, Richard Harris died.

merrygoround Sat 26-Feb-05 20:43:46

For a horrible moment there I thought you meant that DUMBLEDORE had died, and somehow I'd missed it. phew. Actually, of all the actors Richard Harris as Dumblydore (I love how Madam Maxime talks) is the one I warmed to least. In the books he is so twinkly and funny, and i thought Richard Harris was just a bit too serious. Hope I can keep dd from seeing the films till she's read the books - she's only 3 but is fascinated by Henry Bottom as she calls him.

tammybear Sat 26-Feb-05 20:45:24

lol merrygoround, noone could kill off dumbledore, not even voldemort, sorry you know who!

lol im sad arent i?

Newbarnsleygirl Sat 26-Feb-05 20:46:50

I had to say I was disappointed when I heard that Emma Thompson was playing the new teacher in POA but I thought she played it brilliantly. I thought the guy who played Pro Lupin was good as well.

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