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Fabulous Kids Books

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Amanda3266 Tue 22-Feb-05 19:43:55

What are your favourites?

My DS is only 2 so my list is aimed suitably.

"I Took The Moon for a Walk". About a little boy who (as the title says) takes the moon for a walk. Lovely rhyming story and pictures. Plus at the end there's a page about the phases of the moon and the animals and plants which come out at night along with a question "What would you see in your area if you took the moon for a walk"? DS loves it.

My Mum by Andrew Brown (I think) which tells a simple story of how great Mums are. "She's nice, my Mum"

My Dad by the same authour. "He's alright, my Dad"
DS loves both and goes all silly at then end of both. "I love my Dad/Mum and you know what ..... he/she loves me and he/she always will..
with lovely illustration of child being hugged by Mum/Dad.

I think these books are great. For when DS is older I have the Dr Xargle books at the ready.


oooggs Tue 22-Feb-05 19:54:55

We've got 'My DAD' and it great.

Favourites for DS (14mths) are 'Trucks' and 'Diggers' both touchy feely books from Usborne

OldieMum Tue 22-Feb-05 20:08:44

DD's current favourites (she is 2):

Anita Jeram - 'Kiss Goodnight Sam' (about a little bear going to bed)

Jez Ahlberg - 'Duck in a Truck'

John Burningham - 'Mr Gumpy's Outing'

'My Dad' is also a big favourite.

Hulababy Tue 22-Feb-05 20:22:11

DD (2y 10m) loves her books. Current favourites include:

* M&S "Early Readers" Fairy Stories range - there are loads to choose from. Faves are Beauty and the Beats, Sleeping Beauty.
* The Little Mermaid
* The Tiger who came to tea
* Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child
* Alfie and Annie Rose stories
* Dr Seuss's Cat in the Hat, and Green Eggs and Ham
* We're going on a bear hunt
* Hungry Caterpillar name but a few.

helsi Tue 22-Feb-05 20:25:16

will try these A3266 - dd (also 2) loves books and we read the same ones over and over. Have made a note and will see if my friend who has a book business can get them for me cheaply!

helsi Tue 22-Feb-05 20:27:06

sorry meant to say - my dd loves the gingerbread man, chicken licken (although I'm not keen on that sad ending!), angelina ballerina stories.

treacletart Tue 22-Feb-05 20:54:16

DS (19m) currently loves (and I like reading to him):
The Tiger Who Came to Tea - Judith Kerr (my favourite)
What Shall We Do Blue Kangaroo
The Gruffalo
Monkey Puzzle (by the same peopelas the Gruffalo)
The Elephant and the Bad Baby
Jack in a Box (library book about a boy playing with boxes)
The Avocado Baby
Dinosaur Roar

and anything with Thomas et al in, but i get really bored reading them

roisin Tue 22-Feb-05 21:05:03

These are such good lists. We recently had a clear-out of picture books (ds is nearly 6) and the ones he "couldn't bear to part with" are the ones on your lists! So they may well be with you for some time yet!

Jez Alborough: My friend Bear

toomanypushchairs Tue 22-Feb-05 21:12:24

My dt's (both boys) love lots of the books on your lists...
other favourites not mentioned....
'Dear Zoo' by Rod Campbell
'Sometime I like to curl up in a ball' by Charles Fuge(great rhyming text!)
'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy

mummylonglegs Tue 22-Feb-05 21:18:59

Dd, 2.5, has a constant stream of different books after we've been to the library and she tends to have phases of being mad on one book for weeks, then ditches it. Also she has ones she'd rather I read or dp. But her 'classics' are:

All / any of the Noddy stories
Rainbow Fish
Ladybird first stories (especially The Three Little Pigs / Goldilocks / Little Red Riding Hood)
Pumpkin Soup (avoids the middling sequel)
The Little Princess books
Bringing down the Moon
The Tiger who Came to Tea

OldieMum Tue 22-Feb-05 21:20:46

Just thought of some more dd really likes

Elfrida Vipont and Raymond Briggs - 'The Elephant and the Bad Baby'

Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler - 'Room on the Broom'

June Crebbin and Stephen Lambert - 'The Train Ride' and 'Fly by Night'

I found out about most of this by looking at the 'Rough Guide to Children's Books', which is very useful.

toomanypushchairs Tue 22-Feb-05 21:22:17

Mll, who writes bringing down the moon? have heard of this before but never seen it. My dt's are 2.2 by the way

ThomCat Tue 22-Feb-05 21:25:27

Some of our favourites are:

The Baby that wouldn't go to Bed (I LOVE that one)

Ten Play Hide and Seek

Something Else

Olly & Me, Let's Join In

Each Peach Pear Plum

No Matter Whay (I LOVE this one too and it's a good length)

The Snail & The Whale

Amanda3266 Tue 22-Feb-05 21:32:32

Forgot "The Gruffalo" - absolutely fab.

ChocolateGirl Tue 22-Feb-05 22:33:00

I think "Bringing Down The Moon" is by Jonathan Emmett. He also wrote a book called "Dinosaurs After Dark" which my 4 yr old ds1 has loved for at least 12-18 months.

My ds2 (2 yrs 8 months) loves Hairy McClary by Lynley Dodd.

Fran1 Tue 22-Feb-05 22:53:17

I see a Tiger who came to tea is popular! Its one of our faves too. But is it just me or does anyone else roll their eyes at: The tiger drinking DADDY's beer (in this house its mummy's beer!), and the panic mummy has when she realises Daddy doesn't have any dinner, and the fact that Sophie and Mummy have two dinners that day?
Sorry, as you can see i have read the book once too many times .

DD is two and our other faves are

The bedime bear - great pop up book.
Brown bear
Miffy - great series
Angelina ballerina
The Puppy who came to stay
A squash and a squeeze
Kipper - series
And of course the old faithful fairy tales!

Frizbe Tue 22-Feb-05 23:02:56

dd really likes Brown Bear at the moment, along with Fidgity Fish (her elder brothers!)

toomanypushchairs Tue 22-Feb-05 23:30:05

For those of you who like the gruffalo, monkey puzzle is a fantastic book by the same author/illustrator. It tells the story of a monkey who asked a butterfly to help him find his mum.(bear in mind a butterfly's child(caterpillar)looks nothing like its mum!)

Niddlynono Tue 22-Feb-05 23:37:34

DS (2.5 yrs) is Gruffalo mad - The Gruffalo, Gruffalo's Child and the DVD.

Other faves are:
Chameleon's Crazy Colours (Nicola Grant & Michael Terry)
Commotion In The Ocean
The selfish Crocodile (Faustin Charles & Michael Terry)
Giraffes Can't Dance (Giles Andrae & Guy Parker-Rees)
Dig Dig Digging (Margaret Mayo & Alex Ayliffe)
Longleat Safari Park guide book

Niddlynono Tue 22-Feb-05 23:37:48

DS (2.5 yrs) is Gruffalo mad - The Gruffalo, Gruffalo's Child and the DVD.

Other faves are:
Chameleon's Crazy Colours (Nicola Grant & Michael Terry)
Commotion In The Ocean
The selfish Crocodile (Faustin Charles & Michael Terry)
Giraffes Can't Dance (Giles Andrae & Guy Parker-Rees)
Dig Dig Digging (Margaret Mayo & Alex Ayliffe)
Longleat Safari Park guide book

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