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Midnight in the garden of good & evilis one of mine.What book have you felt was a let down?

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FuriousGeorge Sat 30-Aug-08 23:07:22

I've wanted to read this for ages & finally found it in the library last week.

However,it was quite disappointing really-it seemed very bland,shallow and unexciting,which was odd,considering the subject matter.

Apparently the book increased tourism to Savannah by a huge amount,so obviously other people must have enjoyed it.Perhaps it is just me being unappreciative-

climbanymountain Sat 30-Aug-08 23:11:18

'Rebecca' Daphne Du Maurier. Thought it would be dark and interesting and meant to read for a long time. Finally bought it and it was SO dull. I put it down after 60 pages and I have never done that before!

expatinscotland Sat 30-Aug-08 23:12:03

the time traveller's wife

princessglitter Sat 30-Aug-08 23:13:41

I was just about to say that, expat.

climbanymountain Sat 30-Aug-08 23:14:46

I keep meaning to buy that one too. What's wrong with it?

expatinscotland Sat 30-Aug-08 23:14:48

i tried to read it twice, too.

just could not get into it and the passion was just . . . not.

luckylady74 Sat 30-Aug-08 23:18:32

'The Island 'somebody Hislop - lots of friends said it was a great summer read (whatever that means).I got that it was poignant and heart rending, but I hated the main character straight away and couldn't get past that. I did want to go to Greece again because of the beautiful descriptions though.

Ronaldinhio Sat 30-Aug-08 23:19:29

Anything now by James Patterson whom I used to adore...

AnnVan Sun 31-Aug-08 02:55:16

Second Rebecca by du Maurier - it's not like me to give up on a book! but it was soooo dull

mummyfantastico Sun 31-Aug-08 03:33:38

I loved The Island and quite enjoyed The Timne Travellers Wife too!
Agree with Rebecca though.

angrypixie Wed 17-Sep-08 23:28:15

100 years of solitude....

Felt like 100 years to read, I hear it is a masterpiece but left me cold.

Also (whispers) Charlotte's Web blush don't hate me don't hate me

themoon66 Wed 17-Sep-08 23:30:26

Perfume... Patrick Suskin (sp) Grim.

purpleduck Wed 17-Sep-08 23:36:27

the ukrainian tractor one

Loved Time travellers wife

keep trying to read wuthering heights

BoysAreLikeDogskvy Wed 17-Sep-08 23:41:51

Foucault's Pendulum

Sheeesh wtf was it all about??

MrsMuddle Thu 18-Sep-08 00:29:04

Time Travellers Wife. Pile of crap, IMHO.

MrsMuddle Thu 18-Sep-08 00:30:09

PS Loved Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil!

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 00:39:34

Captain Corelli's Mandolin - why the hell didn't say something instead of just lurking about for years? (If I remember rightly)

And His Dark Materials. Hugely disappointing. Felt like a mish-mash of Chorlton and the Wheelies, Toy Story, Susan Cooper...I could go on...and then the stuff about 'The People's Heaven' which seemed to have been ghost written by Tony Blair. Although that was before he started hanging out with the Pope of course.

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 00:40:07

PS I also loved Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

UnquietDad Thu 18-Sep-08 00:40:43

Another vote here for the Time Traveller's Wife (totally unengaging, gave up after 50 pages) and the Ukrainian Tractors (so unfunny, despite what the blurb said - seemed so in love with itself - also hit the floor 50 pages or so in).

I do recommend What Was Lost by Catherine O'Flynn - not perfect but a really engrossing and thoughtful read.

MrsBates Thu 18-Sep-08 00:41:47

Has anyone read Richard Ford. The Sportswriter etc? Depressed the hell out of me but my husband loves him. Most reactions to him seem to have this gender divide. Which is annoying since I like to be one of the boys sometimes.

angrypixie Thu 18-Sep-08 06:37:25

Thought Time Traveller's wife was clever and engaging. Didn't love it though.

Now Captain Corelli I did love.

singingtree Thu 18-Sep-08 07:27:47

The Time Travellers Wife - awful. Perfume - beyond awful. Tractors in Ukraine - snooze. I love Rebecca though.

I was once stuck with the Name of the Rose or whatever its called - Umberto Eco on a long train journey and it was sooo boring

taipo Thu 18-Sep-08 07:33:12

Lovely Bones. Read it to the end but wished I hadn't bothered.

Finbar Thu 18-Sep-08 07:58:48

gave up on the Lovey Bones . I couldn't see what all the hype was about BUT I did love Five People You Meet In Heaven - so I'm not adverse to a Dead Person looking down book!

angrypixie Thu 18-Sep-08 10:40:08

Lovely Bones - good one BLEUGH BLEUGH double BLEUGH

Manipulative tosh!

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