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Sepulchre - Am I missing the point?

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BecauseImWorthIt Sun 24-Aug-08 16:35:22

Just ploughed through this, thinking it would get better, but it was not to be.

I enjoyed Labyrinth, so had expected to like this.

I thought it was absolute tosh, though.

Was I wrong?

janeite Sun 24-Aug-08 16:40:33

Not wrong; I just thought it was totally devoid of emotion. Well researched, evocative descriptions etc - just one-dimensional characters who I really didn't/couldn't care about.

Then again, I didn't get beyond about 40 pages with "Labyrinth".

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 24-Aug-08 16:42:14

I can't remember Labyrinth particularly, other than I did enjoy it. With Sepulchre, I thought it was actually quite poorly written - very prosaic.

janeite Sun 24-Aug-08 16:43:59

And some appalling grammar, especially when she was trying to be the American character.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 24-Aug-08 16:45:36

And all those bloody coincidences and chance meetings!

Lauriefairycake Sun 24-Aug-08 16:50:06

I hated Labyrinth and preferred Sepulchre

I liked all the card stuff, thought it was interesting but in general I don't like her writing. I'm not some weirdo either who bought the second book even though I didn't like the first - my granny-in-law knows her daughter and has bought both books for me.

I'm hoping she doesn't write another as I'll be getting it for Christmas grin

janeite Sun 24-Aug-08 16:52:39

If I hadn't have been on holiday and desperate for reading matter, I probably wouldn't have finished it. But that was the only thing in the hotel "library" (ie books that people had left behind) that wasn't chick lit or a blood and guts detective novel.

Buckets Thu 28-Aug-08 16:59:11

She's very into cramming in her research isn't she? Great long sections of unliterary text, reads like badly cut&pasted homework.

rolledhedgehog Mon 01-Sep-08 18:33:23

I liked Labyrinth but I really did not enjoy Sepulchure. It bored me.

Freckle Mon 01-Sep-08 18:34:53

I thought both books would benefit from more sex wink.

BoysAreLikeDogs Mon 01-Sep-08 18:36:54

Hated it.

Liberated left the book in Malta airport - what a relief and I normally hang on to books for dear life.

Really rubbish writing.

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