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Anyone read Primo Levi?

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Communion Sat 23-Aug-08 10:53:20

'If this is a Man', is one of the few books I have read several times as an adult.

I have bought several copies but have always given them away to others to read.

I am now reading a Biography about him, having not read him for a few years.

I think I will go and buy 'If this is a man' again, read it and give it away again.

Communion Sat 23-Aug-08 17:47:12

Come on, surely poele have?

At 10.53 this morning I expected a good old chin wag about how great Primo is, don't let me down Mumsnet.........

thirtysomething Sat 23-Aug-08 18:04:28

Have read that umpteen times also the Drowned and the saved and If not now, when? He is totally fab and so powerful. Did my uni dissertation on him too and it was the only bit of my course I felt I connected with. Such a sad way for him to end his life too but I could kind of see whay he did it as he just couldn't live with being a survivor.

Anna8888 Sat 23-Aug-08 18:07:00

We were supposed to read Cristo si è fermato a Eboli in my penultimate year at school, in Italian class. God I found it heavy going and depressing. I was probably far too young and my Italian totally inadequate to cope. I ought to try again.

barking Sat 23-Aug-08 18:09:00

Also read 'If this is Man' and 'The Drowned and the Saved'. Both incredible pieces. I find his writing very painful to re-visit since having children.

Communion Sat 23-Aug-08 18:10:31

I have only read ITIAM. I have been put off the others thinking they will be scientific or sceinfiction.

Which should I try next?

I have not reached the end of the biography, but in the 60's he seems to be enjoyimg his life with his writing, incrasing success, frindships and drive to bear witness.

I guess a deepening depression took hold as he got older.

Bewilderbeast Sat 23-Aug-08 18:15:41

I have read ITIAM, Drowned and the Saved, the periodic table and another one but I can't remember which

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