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Did you see .... Miss Pettigrew lives for the day is

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Dynamicnanny Mon 04-Aug-08 14:39:30

being released as a film on the 15th

TwoIfBySea Mon 04-Aug-08 22:36:17

And if you got the Sunday Times yesterday you can go see a preview for free.

Have no idea what the book is about but if anyone wants the codes etc. We saw a preview of Wall.E for free and after booking, went to the cinema and basically walked in without needing the booking ref or anything!

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 21:28:13

Just seen the trailer for this. I absolutely loved the book but can't imagine dp would want to see the film with me. I wonder if dd1 might like it - perhaps we could combine seeing the film with tea and cakes in a nice hotel and pretend we are socialites!

Dynamicnanny Mon 11-Aug-08 21:30:51

Sounds fab Janeite I might jus have to gate crash grin

janeite Mon 11-Aug-08 21:35:42

The more the merrier

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