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Harlan Coben, John Grisham - recommendations for other similar authors please

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copycat Sun 03-Aug-08 12:07:39

Okay, hands up I'm not an intellectual reader but I do like crime fiction (set in modern day), mystery drama, police investigation, trials etc - without too much graphic gore. I like the humour in Harlan Coben's novels. Have also read Henning Mankell (sometimes a bit dark), Tess Gerritsen (gripping plots but often too graphic), Val McDermid.

However, (now here you have to humour me) I can't abide novels full of swearing. I really can't read anything where the characters constantly 'f' or blaspheme or ... well you get my drift. Now that kind of limits me! Normally I would flick though the pages of a book in the library to check for swear words (do I sound a little strange blush) but at the moment I am limited to ordering books online as I have been stuck in bed for the past 3 months with post-operative pain and mobility problems. I'm down to my last book and a half and need to put in another amazon/book people order quick. I've seen recommendations for Lee Child and Janet Evanovich - does anyone know if there is lots of swearing in them? Any other suggestions welcome - one off reads etc


rosmerta Sun 03-Aug-08 12:16:21

I don't think there's a huge amount of swearing in the Lee Child books, don't know about Janet Evanovich.

Robert Crais is good, he has a series with a private detective Elvis Cole, bit of humour in there like Harlan Coben. Also Kathy Reichs, Karen Slaughter (v. graphic though), Michael Connelly are others.

Have you tried the Alexander McCall Smith books? That's all I can think of off the top of my head!

Hope that helps & that you feel better soon

copycat Tue 05-Aug-08 10:36:58

Hi rosmerta, thanks for those suggestions. I think I might find the Kathy Reichs novels too scary grin and Karin Slaughter too graphic shock.
For some reason the covers of the Janet Evanovich novels are putting me off - too chicklit?? Am I wrong? Should I ignore appearances?
So far in my Amazon 'basket' I have:-

Killing Floor - Lee Child
A is for Alibi - Sue Grafton
Gallows View - Peter Robinson
Case Histories - Kate Atkinson

What does anyone think? Anyone know if there is much swearing in these books? blush Any other suggestions for not-too-dark/slightly humourous mystery/legal novels!?

Twinkie1 Tue 05-Aug-08 10:37:59

Get all of the Lee Child ones they are addictive - I have passed mine on to countless people and they all enjoyed them!

rosmerta Tue 05-Aug-08 10:50:37

I really enjoyed Case Histories and the Lee Child ones are a good read!

paranoidmother Tue 05-Aug-08 15:49:03

Sue Grafton - A is for Alibi, B is for Burglar ... T is for (something) - American
Peter Robinson - Inspector Banks Novels - English
Carol O'Connell - The man with 2 shadows - Mallory series - American but different to normal - very good
Alexander McCall Smith - has a few books with a scottish crime theme
Colin Forbes - very good, The Cauldron and many more about 20+
Patrica Cornwall -
James Patterson

Far as I can recall none of the above have any swearing in. I've tried to collect all of them as I love crime thriller but as you say don't want swearing.

PS I now get a lot from the library first to see if I like them

FluffyMummy123 Tue 05-Aug-08 15:50:21

Message withdrawn

cocolepew Tue 05-Aug-08 15:53:02

Janet Evanovitch
Jonathan Kellerman
Peter Robinson
Robert Craiis
John Sanford
Jack Kernley
Early P Cornwall, she's lost the plot these days
Stuart Mcbride (bit graphic)
Sue Grafton
Lee Child
Faye Kellerman
Michael Connelly
Hope you feel better soon!

Shitehawk Tue 05-Aug-08 15:57:13

Peter Robinson
Peter Lovesey
Sue Grafton (although her latest one is shite)
Michael Connolly
Susan Hill

cocolepew Tue 05-Aug-08 15:59:08

Really Shitehawk? I've just got the new Sue Grafton one, I thought her one before this wasn't up to her usual standard either.

Shitehawk Tue 05-Aug-08 16:02:51

No, I didn't think so either. I just couldn't get into the latest one at all, didn't do anything for me. I have really enjoyed most of the others but I think she's getting a bit - I dunno, stale? complacent? formulaic? now.

bran Tue 05-Aug-08 16:13:21

Lisa Gardner and Alex Kava are good for crime too.

If you have loads of books and someone who could post them for you then I recommend registering with a book swap site like Read It Swap It. It'll stop you getting crushed by an avalanche of already read books (or is it just in my house that they live in teetering piles?).

cocolepew Tue 05-Aug-08 16:21:28

Shame. I've just finished the lastest John Sanford, and about to start Robert Crais.
Mark Billingham is good to try as well.
Janet Evanovitch has the occasional swear word, but she's very funny. I read a reccomendation(sp) for her on here and read all 14 of her books in 3 months!
I find Alex Kava and Tess G a bit 'girly'. They either have heroines who can't have a life because of their career or they hate the male lead in it then end up in bed with them by the end.

rosmerta Tue 05-Aug-08 16:28:57

Lisa Gardner - read a couple of hers, not bad.

Coco - is that the latest RC you're about to start? Finished it last night!

cocolepew Tue 05-Aug-08 16:34:07

Is it good?

cocolepew Tue 05-Aug-08 16:36:39

Another one! Dennis LeHane.

rosmerta Tue 05-Aug-08 16:37:29

I enjoyed it, not sure if its as good as some of his other ones but still liked it

Sidge Tue 05-Aug-08 16:47:48

Lee Child (my FAVOURITE author - I don't recall any swearing)
Janet Evanovich (ignore the covers the books are great!)
Dennis Lehane
Robert Crais (I'm planning to buy the new one for my 24 hour plane journey!)
Patricia Cornwell (the first 10 or so books are excellent then she goes all weird)
Kathy Reichs (not scary just really gripping)
Mark Billingham
Peter Robinson (some swearing though I think)
Linda Fairstein

copycat Wed 06-Aug-08 10:05:07

Thank you for all these ideas - and for your good wishes smile. My amazon basket is now bulging.

ilovemydog Wed 06-Aug-08 10:08:21

Sara Paretsky
Peter robinson

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