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One Good Turn - Kate Atkinson

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MrsMuddle Thu 24-Jul-08 21:42:32

I'm a big Kate Atkinson fan - Behind The Scenes At The Museum is one of my favourite books - but I just didn't get One Good Turn.

I read it in a hurry, and in lots of small snatches, and I'm sure I missed something major.

Can someone explain who the hit and run victim really was, and how all the loose ends tied up.


QuinnMallory Thu 24-Jul-08 22:05:36

Ah well. I read this on holiday last month and wasn't overwhelmed either. I hadn't read any of her previous stuff but had heard great things so was expecting a lot.

I'm going to give the end away here so look away if you don't want to know... I've forgotten the characters' names but the hit and run victim was a hitman hired by the wife of the property businessman, to do him in. The mobile phone message she picked at the end was from the hitman confirming he'd done his job.

Does that clear things up? Sorry if I've spoiled it for anyone else!!

MrsMuddle Thu 24-Jul-08 22:48:10

I missed completely that she'd hired someone to do her husband in. I might have to re-read the last few chapters. He didn't do the husband in, though, did he? He had a heart attack. Definitely not her best book.

I read it just after A Prayer For Owen Meany, which was brilliant - it was never going to measure up to that.

Thanks Quinn

FluffyMummy123 Thu 24-Jul-08 22:48:54

Message withdrawn

Pruners Thu 24-Jul-08 23:02:31

Message withdrawn

cremolafoam Thu 24-Jul-08 23:06:01

yes i read case histories second and that helped explain a bit.i liked them both but preferred Human croquet

MrsMuddle Thu 24-Jul-08 23:55:39

I did read Case Histories first and I still didn't get One Good Turn. blush

QuinnMallory Fri 25-Jul-08 11:43:05

The hitman did kill him in the end. I think he injected air bubbles or something into his vein, to make it look like a natural hospital death.

Is this the same author of Behind the Scenes at the Museum or have I got this completely wrong? I keep meaning to read that one. If it's the same author, One Good Turn wasn't at all what I was expecting.

suzywong Fri 25-Jul-08 11:48:51

oh good so not just me then, I found it UTTERLY labourious and not a patch on any of her other works

She must have been having a bad day. It's dross

Scarletibis Fri 25-Jul-08 14:02:51

Preferred CAse Histories, but still thought it was good.
Yes - she's is the author of Behind the Scenes at the Museum

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