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A Plea for Eros by Siri Hustvedt?

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MrsTiddles Thu 17-Jul-08 17:44:17

Anyone reading this collection of essays?

I'm gripped, when I could frankly have thrown her novel WHAT I LOVED at the wall.

plumandolive Fri 18-Jul-08 08:25:54

I haven't heard of it, but was simply gripped by What I Loved.
Will look out for it.

squeaver Fri 18-Jul-08 08:28:35

Oh I loved What I Loved. I thought it was beautifully written. Funnily enough, I've read nothing else by her, but will look out for this

MrsTiddles Fri 18-Jul-08 09:15:38

I read The Blindfold years ago and enjoyed it but it was very much her "first" novel, then The Enchantment of Lily Dahl, was fantastic (which is why I was so disappointed with What I loved, really)

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