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William Boyd - Any Human Heart

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misspollysdolly Thu 03-Jul-08 20:58:40

...Anybody read it?!

Have bought it, started it (while tired though) Not sure I like it. About 25 pages in. Tell me what you think...

plumandolive Fri 04-Jul-08 18:10:11

Oh I love William Boyd, he's one of my favourite authors.
Definitley worth sticking with misspolly. It's the one about Logan Mountstewart and his kind of diary through the 20th century? Yes, it's good.
Have just finished Reckless, which is a great book too and The Blue afternoon is one of my favourites.

Lapsedrunner Fri 04-Jul-08 18:11:34

Keep going, all his books are great.

thumbwitch Fri 04-Jul-08 18:14:20

i loved it, read it a while ago now but i agree, keep going.

bagsforlife Fri 04-Jul-08 19:16:51

Yes, read it. Really enjoyed it. It is a chronicle of the 20th century really. Main character is born in 1910, same year as my grandfather was, so could really relate to all the historical contexts. Was spoilt for me by someone at my book group who said 'Its a bit like Forrest Gump' I suppose can see what she means, in that he is around at many exciting moments during 20th century.....but, believe me, it ISN'T like Forrest Gump (btw, did quite enjoy FG but on 'another level').

northernrefugee39 Fri 04-Jul-08 19:18:47

Like Forest Gump-- HAAAH.. I think it's a really absorbing read. And quite touching too.
I think William Boyd is one of the great modern writers.

emskaboo Fri 04-Jul-08 19:43:13

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, one of my desert island books

NellyTheElephant Sun 06-Jul-08 21:14:07

I LOVED this book, keep at it, I'm sure you'll get caught up in it.

boudoiricca Thu 10-Jul-08 14:05:07

I LOVED this book, one of my absolute favourites and I read a lot of modern fiction. I am also in agreement with all the William Boyd lovers - he is fabulous and infinitely better than Ian McEwan et al.

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