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Can anyone suggest any decent funny chick-lit/rom-com type books to me please

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sparklesandnowinefor4months Wed 18-Jun-08 12:53:53

I love reading but don't have much time for anything of any real substance these days, and i also have a bit of a guilty secret about liking these types of books blush

can anyone recommend some good ones for me to read please!

TIA smile

poppy34 Wed 18-Jun-08 12:54:39

anything by marian keyes but latest one this charming man is very good. and fwiw I think she does cover some quite difficult topics quite well and is very very funny.

sneekpeeks Wed 18-Jun-08 13:01:57

Emily Barrs book are good. Just read Cuban Heels which was great. other books of hers are Baggage and backpack which are also very good

sneekpeeks Wed 18-Jun-08 13:02:48

oh, and Jane green is a bit like marian keyes, always a good, light hearted read

Twelvelegs Wed 18-Jun-08 13:03:13

Marian Keyes....the set about the Walsh sisters are really good, they saw me through at least two boriung stints in hospital!!!

wotulookinat Wed 18-Jun-08 13:04:25

Sophie Kinsella is easy to read and enjoyable, in my opinion. I've also just finished a book called 'Mr Darcy and Me' and that was quite good too.

cyanarasamba Wed 18-Jun-08 13:04:29

The "Shopoholic" series by Sophie Kinsella is good fun.

elkiedee Wed 18-Jun-08 13:07:36

What have you enjoyed recently, or even a while ago, given the age of your dcs?

I also like Marian Keyes and Emily Barr, Rowan Coleman, some of Freya North's books. I've recently discovered Gil McNeil, who writes about 30 something single mothers - Divas Don't Knit is her most recent - and Julie Highmore.

EustaciaVye Wed 18-Jun-08 13:08:08

I like Fiona Waker.

ladymariner Wed 18-Jun-08 13:14:42

"Rosie Meadows Regrets" by Catherine Alliott. In fact, anything by her really. Also like Cathy kelly and Sheila O'Flanagan.
Easy to read and you don't have to think about them!! grin

tearinghairout Wed 18-Jun-08 13:14:44

I really enjoyed Notes on a Scandal by Zoe Heller.

Also The Little House by Philippa Gregory, (who also wrote The Other Boleyn Girl) in which the interfering MIL gets her just desserts - brilliant.

NotDoingTheHousework Wed 18-Jun-08 13:20:09

Message withdrawn

ceebee74 Wed 18-Jun-08 13:23:49

Agree with all the suggestions already put - and I always have a 'chick-lit' book on the go!

My absolute favourite is Marian Keyes (poppy34 - I am nearly at the end of This Charming Man and can't wait to go to bed every night to read some more of it - I think it may be one of her best ones) - but Lisa Jewell and Catherine Alliott books are always good aswell.

sparklesandnowinefor4months Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:11

elkiedee I've just read 'Love Potions' by Cristina Jones and also 'Rosie Meadows Regrets' by Catherine Alliott both of which i liked, and I also liked the books by Raffaella Barker

I've never read any of Sophie Kinsella's books - are they good then?

yorkshirepudding Wed 18-Jun-08 13:25:42

Message withdrawn

lizandlulu Wed 18-Jun-08 13:27:48

i was lookign for something exactly the same and ended up buying the set of' little black dress' books from the book people. was £9.99 for 10 books plus about £3 postage.

lilolilmanchester Wed 18-Jun-08 13:37:09

I loved the shopoholic books. Also "Can you keep a secret" by Sophie Kinsella.
"I don't know how she does it" by Allison Pearson had me in stitches.
Bridget Jones if you haven't already read them. "Ladder of years" by Anne Tyler. "P.S. I love you" by Cecilia Ahern. I've enjoyed most of Anita Shreve's book but she gets mixed MN reviews I seem to recall.

annoyingdevil Wed 18-Jun-08 13:38:47

Polly Williams "The Egg Race" was quite funny and easy to read

elfsmummy Wed 18-Jun-08 13:43:59

I'm quite enjoying Notting Hell by Rachel Johnson at the moment, Its my "all I can manage during the night feeds" guilty secret!

EachPeachPearMum Wed 18-Jun-08 13:45:22

Jenny Eclair's books are funny- not strictly chick lit, but easy to read, not too heavy.

JRocks Wed 18-Jun-08 13:47:59

I've been partial to a few Adele Parks books when I want something fluffy to read smile

LolaLadybird Wed 18-Jun-08 13:57:35

Wholeheartedly agree about Marian Keyes & Jane Green - you can't go wrong. Also enjoyed The Rise and Fall of a Yummy Mummy by Polly Williams when I'd not long had first DC.

Adele Parks also good - recently read 'Young Wives Tales', the sequel to Playing Away.

Oh, and Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner is a lovely story about a group of friends that meet through having first children (sound familiar anybody?).

Actually this thread has really given me a taste for some more easy-read chick-lit ... think I'll go in search of Charming Man this afternoon!

UnquietDad Wed 18-Jun-08 13:59:04

DW has enjoyed Marian Keyes, Fiona Gibson and Jane Green.

mrsshackleton Wed 18-Jun-08 14:08:49

Marian Keyes is good
Have read a couple by Julia Llewellyn (just checked spelling on jacket of one "If I were you") which were v funny, quite meaty but still easy reads.
sophie kinsella is great but i've sort of had enough of her now, or of shopaholic anyway. Still, no doubt will read her latest at some point. I love chick lit and hate the fact so many people are down on it, pure snobbery
Oh, and love Maeve Binchy, don't let the grannyish covers put you off. Tara Road and The Glass Lake, both brilliant

SmugColditz Wed 18-Jun-08 14:11:32

Marian Keyes.

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