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hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 16:47:30

going away with dh for 5 days, no dd. can usually do one a day.

any recommendations?

No chicklit
dont like the davinci code types
no childhood horror stories
love historical
love stories set in north and south america

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:48:34

I love John Irving. Re-reading The Hotel New Hampshire for the millionth time at the moment. Set in USA. Been quoted as a modern 'Dickens'

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:49:32

Quite like Paul Auster too - The New York Trilogy

FAll at my feet (I think) is a good historical one - chunky though!

List some book sthat you have enjoyed to give us a better idea

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 16:50:05

love irving also, havent read that one in years, still got it somewhere. goes to look.

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 16:51:49

i have read all steinbeck
cormac mccarthy
kathryn harrison, a thousand orange trees
tracy chevallier
i like antonia fraser
loved the duchess of devonshire and marie antoinette

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:52:47

son of a circus - all irving

You might like paul auster then - recommended to me by another Irving fan...

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 16:53:47

i will look up auster thanks.

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:55:04

oooh oooh have you read owen meany???

Secret history - Donna Tartt?

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:55:43

will look on my bookcases later

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 16:55:59

sorry get unnecessarily excited!

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 16:59:20

dont know about tartt?
ooh i like war stories aswell, all quiet on the western front, regeneration, seb faulks etc.
i get all unnecessarily excited about books, especially for

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 17:00:23

have you read the ladies detective agency series?

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:01:50

are they a bit mushy?

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 17:02:23

I found them readble but not, erm, unputdowable

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 17:02:47

the dexter books are good if you havent seen the tv series - though you said not crime....

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 17:03:22

love at the time of cholera - gabriel garcia de marquez

and another by him

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:04:02

ooh love dexter, series 2 is on soon. just googled auster, sounds good.

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:04:42

love marquez and isabel allande

janeite Sun 15-Jun-08 17:05:19

A Town Like Alice?

Have you read "The Book Thief"?

"Love In The Time Of Cholera"?

Isobel Allende - mostly set in Chile. Her biography type ones are fab - Paula / My Invented Country

Have you read "The American Boy"?

janeite Sun 15-Jun-08 17:06:42

Oops - crossed posts! I was on the right tracks then?!

popsycal Sun 15-Jun-08 17:06:50

humourous light read - the wrong boy by willy russell (I think)

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:08:11

just looked at auster moon palace, is he a little like annie e proulx? coincidence and such?
have just looked a book thief, good?
never read town like alice, good one.

hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:09:36

read zorro by allande on last holiday, think i have done most of hers now.

janeite Sun 15-Jun-08 17:10:10

Isabel Allende has a new one out too:


hifi Sun 15-Jun-08 17:10:24

right tracks janeite.

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