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vanity/self publishing-anyone done this?

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Chandra Sat 15-Jan-05 22:42:30

not me...

Chandra Sat 15-Jan-05 22:44:18

By the way... I did not initiated this thread... I just found it curious that there could be a thread with an "unknown" nickname and no message in it... Soemthing to report to tech? (just in case the system is failing???)

miggy Sat 15-Jan-05 22:45:15

this was me!
had message and was normal posting-what happened?

Chandra Sat 15-Jan-05 22:45:53

No idea, weird isn't it?

miggy Sat 15-Jan-05 22:46:19

the twilight zone.........

Chandra Sat 15-Jan-05 22:46:20

But well back to your question, are you considering it?

miggy Sat 15-Jan-05 22:50:08

to repeat myself.....
ds is writing a book and has done over 10,000 words. he is convinced it will be published (of course it wont be) and has already decided on the lucky recipients of his authors free copies.
I am considering getting some published as a special present, there seem to be companies offering this for under £200 pounds. Am a bit wary though as vanity publishing has such a poor reputation as being a scam. Obv am not expecting them to sell any, just looking for 10 or so copies in recognisable book format.
any one any experience?

Casmie Sun 16-Jan-05 08:22:32

Haven't used them but was intending to (for just a couple of copies) but I was recommended Cafe Press - prices quite reasonable if you only want a few copies (most self publishing still seem to want to saddle you with huge print runs).

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