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BEST EVER Autobiographies/Memoirs, What are your favourites????

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Uki Sun 27-Apr-08 11:57:42


I admit I'm obsessed with Autobiograhies and memiors.

I've just finished

A Man called Dave- David Pelzer, excellent

Eat, Pray, Love- Elizabeth Gilbert- pretty funny

all time favs.
Desert Dawn - Waris Dirie
Fence around the Cuckoo- Ruth Park.

What are your favourites please?
Also Is Richard Bransons, losing my virginity , any good?

ByTheSea Sun 27-Apr-08 11:59:12

'The Autobiography of Malcolm X' was one of the most compelling books I ever read.

southeastastra Sun 27-Apr-08 12:01:44

long time gone by david crosby

Nagapie Sun 27-Apr-08 12:02:11

Mukiwa - Peter Godwin

sophiewd Sun 27-Apr-08 12:02:44

The Moons a Balloon - David Niven
Any of Clive James's are very funny
John Peels, very moving.

Doodle2U Sun 27-Apr-08 12:03:52

Branson's was OK IIRC. While since I read it.

There's a book called "Can any mother help me" by Jenna Bailey, if you like to read about people's lives. It's a collection of letters, sent between a group of women and it's a bit like Mumsnet before the internet! V.V. good.

zippitippitoes Sun 27-Apr-08 12:05:31

touched by fire kay redfield jamison

Mercy Sun 27-Apr-08 12:17:36

Bythesea - that's probably my favourite too.

I also like

The [Joe] Orton Diaries
Kilvert's Diary
The Naked Civil Servant
Hidden Lives (Margaret Forster)

Mercy Sun 27-Apr-08 12:22:04

And Janet Frame.

Igotnewboots Sun 27-Apr-08 12:25:30

Red China Blues-Jen Wong

marina Sun 27-Apr-08 12:29:12

Lorna Sage - Bad Blood
Hilary Mantel - Giving Up the Ghost
Robert Graves - Goodbye to All That
Clive James - Unreliable Memoirs

also love Joe Orton, Mercy - and Kenneth Williams' diaries are an interesting parallel read

Mercy Sun 27-Apr-08 12:34:59

I'd forgotten that I've got KW's diaries too!

PatsyCline Sun 27-Apr-08 12:37:06

Clive James is an old favourite and I had a great time reading Rupert Everett's book last year.

Alan Clarke's diaries are fab (even to a non-Tory voter).

I got a bit obsessed with historical diaries at one point - I loved Boswell, Fanny Burney and Pepys.


themildmanneredjanitor Sun 27-Apr-08 12:39:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TsarChasm Sun 27-Apr-08 12:40:09

David Niven 'The Moon's A Balloon' and then 'Bring on the Empty Horses'.

Clive James of course

I also read a good one about F Scott Fitzgerald once.

marina Sun 27-Apr-08 12:43:59

And actually, the older Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole gets, the more entertaining her satirical take on British life becomes

Uki Sun 27-Apr-08 13:22:34

WOW I haven't heard of many of these great. I was getting so flustered because i need to have another book in line to read after this one.

Don't know how i manage to read books at all, with 2 LO's but it does stop my brain turning to mush wink

any more???

suedonim Sun 27-Apr-08 14:30:37

Any of the actor/writer Dirk Bogarde's memoirs, they're wonderful, if not altogether the unvarnished truth. smile

sophiewd Sun 27-Apr-08 14:31:52

Siegfried Sassoons 2 memoirs are also good if you can get hold of them

MargaretMountford Sun 27-Apr-08 15:03:58

Toast - Nigel Slater

MargaretMountford Sun 27-Apr-08 15:04:44

oh and Alan Bennett's ...I love hearing about his mam

MargaretMountford Sun 27-Apr-08 15:06:38

TsarChasm - I loved The Moon's a Balloon - read it years ago,several times !
Biography of Joe Strummer is interesting and love Margrave of The Marshes - John Peel's...

marina Sun 27-Apr-08 15:10:03

Giles Smith - Lost in Music

Frank Muir - A Kentish Lad (might appeal to anyone feeling the loss of Humph at the moment, humour and outlook are not dissimilar)

Loved Siegfried Sassoon sophiewd - Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man is extremely funny, not what I expected tbh

Vera Brittain - Testament of Youth and Testament of Friendship (about Winifred Holtby)

James Aubrey's Brief Lives

TsarChasm Sun 27-Apr-08 17:50:56

Ooh Joe Strummer appeals to me.

JPeel, yes I like that. sad To think his family had to finish though.

MargaretMountford Sun 27-Apr-08 18:00:54

the Joe Strummer is very big and the author obv. was a good friend ( as he endlessly points out) - worth a read.. love the John Peel one - the family continue it really well...

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