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Michael Faber - good or not?

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lyndap Tue 28-Dec-04 17:38:25

Read "Under The Skin" on holiday recently and can't shake it from my mind - dunno if I liked it or not but I had a similar reaction to Ian Banks' "Wasp Factory" - gave me the creeps but I was kind of compelled to read it!
Anyone else read it? I'm reading his later book, "The Crimson Petal and the White" at present and I'm loving it - like a mad Dickensian epic!

RudolftheredPOSEYreindeer Tue 28-Dec-04 21:29:15

I read "Under the Skin" quite a while ago and had a similar reaction to you. Dh tells me I'd be sitting reading it, squirming in the chair uttering regular "urgh"s and other such noises.
I heard there was going to be a film made of it but not sure if it will be.

More recently I read another one of his, set in Whitby. Its title was something or other Steps, the something or other being the number of steps up to Whitby Abbey. Totally different and not so shocking.

lyndap Wed 29-Dec-04 16:18:31

Thanks for the reassurance re the squirming through UTS!
Will look for the book you mention - am really enjoying The Crimson Petal so would like to read more of his non gruesome stuff!

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