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Can anyone recommend a good fairy tale book for me? Need help remembering them

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Gem13 Tue 21-Dec-04 16:35:53

DS likes being told stories at the moment and I started to tell him about the 3 Bears today forgetting that Goldilocks (whose name I forgot until 1/2 way through) broke the chair, etc. All I could remember was that she ate the porridge!

I could do with buying a revise fairy tales guide so I can swot up on them (Three Goats Gruff, Red Riding Hood, etc.)

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 16:45:46

M&S have a great range of Early Reader books. Little hard back books for £2.50 each. They do most of the most familiar fairy stories. And as they are aimed at children first learning to read, they are ideal as short bedtime stories for little ones. Not sure on how old your DS is.

Goldilocks & Three Bears:

Mummy bear makes porridge - 3 bowls (big, medium, tiny size) - too hot so go for walk
Goldilocks arrives and goes in house
Sees porridge, tries it. Big bowl too salty, medium one too sweet, tiny bowl just right, eats it all
Sees chairs and wants sit down. Big chair - too high, medium chair - too low, tiny chair - just right and gets comfy. Crack! Oh no it isn't - she's too heavy and it breaks
Upstairs as tored. Big bed - too hard, medum bed too small, tiny bed just right. Gets in and falls asleep
Bears return
Daddy bear "Who's been eating my porridge", mummy bear "Who's been eating my porridge", Baby bear "Who's been eating my porridge, and it's all gone"

Sees chairs. Daddy bear "Whos been sitting in ym chair", mummy bear "Whos been sitting in ym chair" , Baby Bear "Whos been sitting in ym chair and broken it".

Goes upstairs and sees beds. Daddy bear "Whos been sleeping in my bed", mummy bear "Whos been sleeping in my bed" , Baby Bear "Whos been sleeping in my bed and she's still here".

Goldilocks wakes up, is scared and runs away. Not seen again


TinselTamum Tue 21-Dec-04 16:47:24

I would be inclined to go for the Ladybird versions to be honest- it means buying them all separately but they'll do as reading books later on. Most of the books I've seen with lots of fairy stories in seem to have them at a more complex level IYSWIM, though I may well be wrong!

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 16:48:58

M&S titles include:

Beauty and the Beast
Chicken Licken
The Elves and the shoemaker
The emperor's new clothes
The enormous turnip
The gingerbread man
Golidlocks and the three bears
Hansel and gretel
Jack and the beanstalk
Little red riding hood
Snow white and the seven dwarfs
The three billy goats gruff
The ugly duckling
The three little pigs

There are now more available too I think.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 16:49:43

I like the M&S range as the stories have been made shorter, with repetitive lines in, and simpler to follow. Depends ont he age of your child though.

TinselTamum Tue 21-Dec-04 16:54:00

Oh, I cross-posted with you Hula- wasn't trying to plug Ladybird over M and S, I thought I was the first to reply!

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 16:55:27

No worries - I crossed with yours too! We have the longer ladybirds of some too but a bit too long for my 2.5yo DD at the moment I think.

Gem13 Tue 21-Dec-04 17:14:40

Thanks hulababy and Tamum (again! Will be getting the mugs you found BTW so thanks for that. I think they may be the same!) And thanks for the story hulababy. Am clearly in desperate need. Forgot the 'who's been sitting/sleeping/eating lines'!

DS is nearly 2.5 so the M and S ones sound ideal. Short is good as it's only really for me at the moment.

Hulababy Tue 21-Dec-04 17:16:48

Gem - my DD's around same age (2y 8m) and we've had these ones for a fair few months now. She loves them. Perfect length I find.

I know half of them backwards now though!

popsycal Tue 21-Dec-04 17:58:36

Another vote for M&S fairytale books!

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