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I want to turn myself into a dog so that I can sit at Philip Pullman's feet all day long

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spacedonkey Tue 21-Dec-04 13:50:48

South Bank Show interview with PP was repeated last night. What a man!

Has made me hurl Middlemarch to one side in favour of Dark Materials re-reading marathon

MariNativityPlay Tue 21-Dec-04 13:53:14

Oh those books are so SAD, though, Spacedonkey. I found myself sobbing over the fate of little Tony and his daemon so much I had to stop my most recent re-read.
Middlemarch = hardly a pamphlet, though!

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 13:54:38

middlemarch = tome only worthy of proppping open door, imo

spacedonkey Tue 21-Dec-04 13:55:47

pmsl @ "hardly a pamphlet"

you're on top form today marina!

I think I may have to have a crush on him, he's so awesomely articulate

MariNativityPlay Tue 21-Dec-04 13:57:49

I was thinking of standing on my copy to hang decorations up. Boosted by dh's copy of Ezra Pound's Cantos and the unwanted deluge of Wendy holdens from well-meaning friend.

spacedonkey Tue 21-Dec-04 14:00:27

such a lovely study he's got too

dp was quite puzzled by the look of utter enchantment on my face throughout

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 14:00:58

spacedonkey - fil wrote a book about him!!!

spacedonkey Tue 21-Dec-04 14:01:52

ooh title please bundle?

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 14:04:24

it's a sort of pullman reader {proud}

spacedonkey Tue 21-Dec-04 14:05:30

ooh thanks bundle!

if I can't be his dog perhaps he would agree to be my dad? whaddyareckon

MariNativityPlay Tue 21-Dec-04 14:06:21

I think your FIL's guides to children's books are just the tops bundle, I check both volumes on a regular basis. at such interesting and cultured rellies.

bundleofyulelogs Tue 21-Dec-04 14:08:09

aw shucks, thanks you guys! fil would love to be anyone's surrogate dad..he's lovely. marina, they're all dedicated to the grandchildren, so dd1 gets a mention in one of the first two, and dd2 in the teens one

Oliviab Thu 24-Mar-05 14:58:30

Named my daughter Lyra because of him!

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