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Has anyone read "Three Cups of Tea"?

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mm22bys Tue 12-Feb-08 04:14:10

I've just finished reading this fab book, about the ex-mountaineer Greg Mortenson who for the past 15 years has dedicated his life to building schools in remote villages in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It was completely inspiring, and I loved it.

Has anybody else read it?

alipiggie Tue 12-Feb-08 04:27:21

Nope but I've just bought it as a present for myself for my new house. I've heard him speak and I found him truly inspiring. I shall enjoy reading it I think.

mm22bys Tue 12-Feb-08 06:31:00

That would have been amazing. Where was that, I have seen his schedule in the US, he is so busy. I would love to here him speak!

I really hope you enjoy the book...

Flowermum Mon 27-Oct-08 18:43:25

Just bumping and asking, would this be an appropriate present for someone? Or is it more of a personal book?

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