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anyone else reading Richard Hammond's autobiography?

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deaconblue Mon 21-Jan-08 13:50:33

very moving, am really enjoying it although makes me a bit weepy. The section his wife wrote is really powerful

luciemule Mon 21-Jan-08 16:15:04

DH has just read it - I'm still in the first couple of chapters.

Quite a simply written book so far (easy on my tired brain by bedtime!) but I'm enjoying it.

thisisRialifebaby Tue 22-Jan-08 13:23:54

DH gave me it for christmas, haven't started yet. Didn't expect it to be weepy.

MummyDoIt Tue 22-Jan-08 17:23:35

I've almost finished it and found it very moving. I really felt for his wife, having to be away from their small children to be with him in hospital. I think she's an amazing woman to have dealt with it all so well.

Buda Tue 22-Jan-08 18:24:28

I bought it for DH for Xmas wink but i haven't read it yet. DH is actually reading it and I thought it might be polite to wait till he had finished - makes it look less like I bought it for me!

oxocube Sun 27-Jan-08 18:26:47

DH and DS (12) read this recently and both enjoyed it. Both said it was rather moving

NorthernLurker Sun 27-Jan-08 18:33:11

I read it at Christmas. Very easy to read but so interesting - so many aspects to a brain injury I hadn't thought of.

nannykaz Fri 18-Jul-08 19:11:21

i read this and thought it was very well written, and gave you a good feel about the emotions involved by everyone. i did enjoy it even when i was weeping over it. some soggy pages !!!

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