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Has anyone read Russell Brands book? What did you think?

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binklegoestoLondon Sun 06-Jan-08 21:02:55

I have just finished this book. I am not a particularly great fan of Russell Brand but dh bought me the book for Xmas. I found him a pretty unsympathetic character tbh - in fact he sounds like a right PITA to be honest which he doesnt deny but he doesnt to me have any real discernable talent either..

Monsoonrain Fri 18-Jan-08 23:48:54

I thought pretty much the same tbh, I am a fan of his, find him really funny but after reading his book I felt a bit sad.

Think he has "issues" from his childhood which still affect him now, seems he wanted to be close to his dad but never felt he was. The bit where he said he had to be two people, one for his mum and a different person for his dad, so he never really know who HE was. Might also explain his outrageous attention seeking

Was a bit disappointed about him mentioning his mum & her fight with cancer and then nothing, as you say, like there was no sympathy or real regret about him being an idiot at that time or that he was making up for it????? After all what she has put up with and helped HIM through, where was her support???

Seems he has and always wants people to be there for him and by his side (which tbh is prob the only reason he is here now) - YET he never seems to give anything back????

Gotta give him credit though, he does admit to being a right royal PITA, I couldnt deal with him, LOL!!!!

UnquietDad Fri 18-Jan-08 23:51:07

Delighted to know that this "book" would only reinforce my pre-judged impression of Mr Brand, and that I now have even fewer reasons than before to read it.

turquoise Fri 18-Jan-08 23:52:45

Thought he was mostly annoying but occasionally funny and mildly interesting before I started the book.

Couldn't finish it, disliked him more and more with every page.

bakealot Fri 23-May-08 17:18:41

Definitely agree, have been lent this book by SIL and am struggling to finish it. I was sympathetic to start with where he talks about his childhood, but as it's gone on I'm just fed and frankly bored with him. Too many other books to read to waste time on this!

pagwatch Fri 23-May-08 17:40:26

I thought it was amazingly frank at first. And parts are funny.
But the more he wrote " and then I was such a knob and shat over friend A who had been so good to me" , the more I thought just admitting it does not mean anything if you choose to do nothing to control how you behave. And by the end I thought he really enjoyed it. Like the "i speak as I find" brigade who just find being rude and obnoxious great and think that that is an excuse.
He is also too smart not to have realised this but just can't be asrsed, preferring a dangerous persona.
He just really needs to grow up tbh
Although being hugely PC i did think his impulse control ( lack of it) screamed ADD.

debbiedlemur Tue 04-Nov-08 14:52:56

I love Russell Brand and find him really funny (and gorgeous, although I am old enough to know better). I have just finished his book and enjoyed it although I think the beginning was better and it went off a bit towards the end. I just found myself thinking 'Ooh Russell why do you have to spoil everything when its going well, why can't you just settle down and find a nice girl!' He is an arrogant, self-destructive swine though and I certainly wouldn't introduce him to my granddaughter if I had one!

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