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Does anyone have a promotion code for Red House?

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Roisin Fri 19-Nov-04 19:40:48

Hi! Yes, I'm spending money on books AGAIN. DS1 has just discovered the Anthony Horowitz (Alex Rider) books ... Yes, I know you've all been telling me about them for ages! Anyway, they haven't got them all in the library, and there's an unmissable offer in Red House this month (all 5 for £12), so I'm trying to place an order.

Any other suggestions? Does anyone know anything about Justin Richards: The Invisible Detective?

Yorkiegirl - are you there? Have you got your hands on Wolf Brother yet? It's nearly half price in Red House - £4.99 - is it worth it?

Roisin Fri 19-Nov-04 20:11:03



candy Fri 19-Nov-04 20:32:20

No code but I've got a leaflet from them saying that you get free Postage if you buy 4 items and also a free book if you spend more than £30 - depends if you wanted anything apart from the AH's though - I was quite tempted by the Barefoot storybooks (one on princesses and one on pirates that come with a CD for £3.99 each)- happy shopping and happy reading!

norgen Mon 07-Feb-05 14:41:50

I don't have a code but if you are after kid's books,the book people website is good for books, and don't forget do free delivery and are quite reasonable. I ordered The Doomspell Triology from them for my 12 year old and it cost £7.49 usually each book would cost £5..they delivered it 2 days later.

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