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Please help me find this book!!!!

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Lara2 Sun 14-Nov-04 14:46:21

I read a review of a book ages ago and tought it sounded great. Only now, I can't remember the title or the author! Spent ages perusing Amazon an, to no avail.

All I can remember is that it's about a father who introduces his son to a library (maybe even a book in a library) possibly in Italy and it ends up being the sort of scenario where the knowledge is world shattereing etc. Possibly secret societies involved?

Sorry, not much to go on, but I hope someone out there knows what I'm talking about!

I vaguely remeber the cover having a long shot of a man in a mac in the distance of piazza (or is that the Italian memory???
Thanks in advance!!

codswallop Sun 14-Nov-04 14:52:29


WideWebWitch Sun 14-Nov-04 15:00:14

Is it this?

JanH Sun 14-Nov-04 15:16:43

Does the Name of the Rose have a man in a mac?????

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Nov-04 15:20:47

Ah, no Janh, you're right, it doesn't, must read properly. Prob isn't that then. Was guessing via Google searches!

SenoraPostrophe Sun 14-Nov-04 15:36:25

is this it ?

There was an artile in the Independent about it yesterday. Looks good anyway.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 14-Nov-04 15:37:24

PS Looking at the Amazon review I think it is this one. Spain, not Italy!

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Nov-04 15:38:12

Ah, Senora, I'd never have found that. Interesting that The Name of the Rose is mentioned in the review, so I was close then!

WideWebWitch Sun 14-Nov-04 15:38:38

Well that explains why my google searches on Italy weren't getting it too!

JuniperDewdrop Sun 14-Nov-04 15:46:59

This book sounds fantastic, I'll be getting it too.

joash Sun 14-Nov-04 15:50:18

Try ' Shadow of the Wind' By Carlos Ruiz Zafron. Just bought it yesterday. Hopw this is it.

Roobie Tue 16-Nov-04 18:57:00

Just put it on my Amazon 'wish list' - sounds right up my street!

Lara2 Wed 17-Nov-04 07:53:34

www - not that one, thanks anyway.
SeneorApostrophe -YES!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!! I'm amazed I remembered the cover so well. Just Spain, not Italy . You are a star!!!

marthamoo Wed 17-Nov-04 07:55:41

Sounds good, doesn't it? Shall put it on my ever lengthening Amazon wish list!

Lara2 Tue 15-Mar-05 22:40:10

So, I got the book and....... loved it!!! so original and having lived in Spain, very interesting! Great characters, plot etc. Everyone should read this!!

moondog Tue 15-Mar-05 22:43:10

As an aside, once heard of a website where you posted details of books whose name eluded you for others to offer likely names. Couldn't find it though!!!!

Roobie Tue 15-Mar-05 22:54:55

I've just read this book off the back of reading this thread last year - highly recommended!

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