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The New York Trilogy by Paul Austell

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popsycal Wed 03-Nov-04 09:08:54

Anyone read it or care to join me in reading it?

Only about 30 pages in so far...

MummyToSteven Wed 03-Nov-04 09:09:48

i read it and was quite disappointed by it IIRC. sorry that's not very positive, is it???

popsycal Wed 03-Nov-04 09:56:58


A friend recommended it to me and I am finding it interesting so far......

we will see!
Trying to force myself to get back into reading as i never seem to find the time to do it!!

Rowlers Wed 03-Nov-04 10:02:40

It's Paul Auster isn't it?
Anyway, I read it a while back. Found it OK, not as engrossing a read as say the Music of Chance.

donnie Fri 05-Nov-04 16:27:11

have read it 3 times and love it to death.I found it so intruiging and clever! hope you like it!

Cadbury Fri 05-Nov-04 16:34:24

I read it at Uni but I don't remember much about it I'm afraid.

popsycal Fri 05-Nov-04 19:26:42

yes it is paul auster - whoops...

i am still enjoying it"

CountessDracula Fri 05-Nov-04 19:27:53

I liked it but has same theme as all Paul Auster, think he is rather monothematic really.

DarrellRivers Sun 22-Jun-14 20:31:04

Just revisiting this thread as had just finished it and wanted to know if anyone has read recently and had any thoughts

Fram Mon 23-Jun-14 22:49:21

Hi darrell, I find Auster annoying as there is too much of him in the books, in the way I find Martin Amis annoying!

I don't want to read books about privileged middle-aged men particularly, and all the Auster I've read had me grinding my teeth in annoyance.

Sorry- perhaps not what you wanted to hear?

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