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Storm Constantine died

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PomBearWithoutHerOFRS Wed 20-Jan-21 00:38:00

I am gutted!
Dunno if anyone else is a fan? I never seem to "meet" any others, but they must be out there somewhere.
I have read and reread her Wraeththu books since the first ones came out when I was a teenager, and the thought that there will never be any more is just so depressing!
She was a lovely person, as well as a fantastic writer, she ran her own publishing company and we corresponded occasionally - she used to sign all the books from her own site too.

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Alltheprettyseahorses Wed 20-Jan-21 08:40:10

Oh no! That's so sad and such a great loss to writing. I loved her novels and her short stories were sublime too, in particular one called Remedy of the Bane. In my head, I always linked her with Tanith Lee, another great tragically taken from us, because they both had such a beautifully lush (but somehow never purple) prose style.

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