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Books for a 21 year old son

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Susiesue61 Tue 03-Nov-20 22:19:22

DS1 is 21. He loves reading but is struggling to get into adult books. He reads sports autobiographies. As a teenager he loved Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Harry Potter. He's very funny and loves sarcasm, things like Mock the week on the TV.
Any ideas for Christmas? Thank you 😊

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1122christy Wed 04-Nov-20 15:57:46

What about Terry Pratchett books? Funny books but not too serious

DancelikeEmmaGoldman Wed 04-Nov-20 17:35:10

Pratchett is a good thought. Also Douglas Adams.

Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London series is very funny and might work.

Or try some other adult fantasy, The Dresden Files, Benedict Jacka, James Bennett.

You could also try someone like Lee Child. Terrific thrillers and totally immersive.

lljkk Wed 04-Nov-20 17:38:06

Sports Memoir AND painful humour.

What sports does he follow, OP?

NoSquirrels Wed 04-Nov-20 17:44:11

Bill Bryson - any of them.
Penguins Stopped Play - along the lines of Bryson about cricket.
Ramesh Ranganathan’s biography supposed to be good if he’s into comedians.
Lee Child is basically a winner for everyone.

Susiesue61 Wed 04-Nov-20 23:10:48

@lljkk he loves football and cricket 😊
I hate Bill Bryson! Yes could try Lee Child, thanks for all the suggestions. I'll have a little look tomorrow

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NoSquirrels Wed 04-Nov-20 23:26:21

Obvious, but has he read Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby?

ElizabethinherGermanGarden Wed 04-Nov-20 23:30:27

Game of Thrones? Other things recommended by my 20-something brother include The 15 Lives of Harry August by Clare North. I haven't read it though - it's been on my list for a while, but DB loved it.

Susiesue61 Thu 05-Nov-20 16:40:37


Obvious, but has he read Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby?

I don't know !! I don't think so.
Thanks for all the suggestions, going to do an order tonight

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