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David Eddings anyone?or Mercedes Lackey?

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KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:04:53

Does anyone here like David Eddings books I suspect Polgara2 does (unless she picked the name out of nowhere)

JoolsToo Tue 19-Oct-04 22:05:16


KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:06:23

Sorry my two favorite authors......trying to find any other fans

tangerinecath Tue 19-Oct-04 22:09:45

Me! I do!
I have all the Belgariad, the Malloreon and the spin off books, also all the books he wrote about Sparhawk etc. All very well read and dog eared looking now

ladymuck Tue 19-Oct-04 22:12:20

Definitely a fan of the Eddings series, though found some of his recent books not quite to my taste (eg Regina's Song - what was that all about). Never heard of Mercedes Lackey.

Twiga Tue 19-Oct-04 22:13:41

Yeah, i really like Eddings books too, not read any for ages and still have a number to get through at some point.

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:15:11

Love David and Leigh Eddings, at least the fantasy stuff (Mallorian, Belgariad etc) I think I tried one of his straight Scifi ones but couldn't get into it. Mercedes Lackey doesn't ring a bell at all I'm afraid - if she's similar I'll give her a try!

Just googled her - dear god she's written enough books!! They look interesting though. I'll have to keep an eye out for them!

KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:16:16

I don't like his non fantasy but Belgariad, Mallorean, The Elenium and Tamuli are great but it took a while to get into Althalus (sp?)

Mercedes Lackey is another fantasy, possible teenage but really good

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:17:27

Have to admit I always end up with a crush on Sparhawk and (Bel)Garad when I reread the books I think I get too into books when I read them.....

KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:18:58

ML is quite like some of Anne McCaffery - but if I put up her name everyone would have responded - they do her books for GCSE fgs
I prefer ML to AMcC but a lot of people don't (and they have written books together

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:24:40

I find AM a bit strange TBH. I loved all the Pern books - still read them when I dig them out, but I find it hard to get into any of her more recent ones. Maybe its just the attraction of the dragons!? Do they really teach her for GCSE? Thats not fair, I had to do boring 'classics' for my O'Levels!

KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:28:39

yes the do DragonDrums and the Dragonsong/singer apparantly
But her brainship books are lovely and I really like the catteni and Powers that be series and Acorna

Debbiethemum Tue 19-Oct-04 22:37:39

Really like David/Leigh Eddings & Mercedes Lackey, like most of Anne McC, except the Acorna series which I hate.

Also love Katherin Kerr & Raymond E Feist for those who want books of a similar genre, does anyone have any other authors that they can recommend me

tangerinecath Tue 19-Oct-04 22:38:41

I'm quite glad that we didn't do McCaffrey books at school - I love them now and probably wouldn't if I'd had to pick them apart for a GCSE.

tangerinecath Tue 19-Oct-04 22:42:24

I like Raymond E Feist too Debbiethemum, have you ever read any Isaac Asimov or Arthur C Clarke? More sci-fi than fantasy but if you pick and choose your titles there are some good ones in there.

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:43:53

I've read one brainship one 'The Ship that Sings?Sang?' and one to do with resurrection?

Last books I read though were by Robin Hobb, the Tawny Man trilogy, which was excellent. Didn't end the way I wanted (I'm a romantic at heart) but I loved them anyway

KatieMac Tue 19-Oct-04 22:44:25

Heinlein (sp) is good too but can get dippy, Piers Anthony (if you avoid Xanth) but no-one knows ML

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:49:53

Hey, what's wrong with Xanth! Reading Piers Anthony (Incarnations of Immortality) Philip Jose Farmer (Riverworld) and various Heinlein whilst in primary school is what got me hooked on this stuff in the first place!

Actually I think I've answered my own question there Xanth's more kiddy than all the so-called kiddy books now.

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 22:53:02

Debbiethemum - I would definitely recommend Robin Hobb. Start with the Farseer trilogy, then the Liveship Traders trilogy, and finish with the Tawny Man trilogy.

Debbiethemum Tue 19-Oct-04 23:10:04

Wow loads of other authors to try:

tangerinecath - I have all the Arthur C Clarke & Isaac Asimov books & do agree they are very god, though do prefer the older Clarke books & the newer Asimov ones.

Lydialemon - I have tried Robin Hobbs' liveship series and didn't really get into them, are the other worth a go. Also I am sorry but the Xanth series rates with Barbie for sexist claptrap (wel it may be 'tongue in cheek' but still winds me up).

Katiemac - I will have to give Heinlen ( sp?) a go. I know Dad likes them.

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 23:17:01

Warning - Heinlein is a lot worse and definitely not tongue in cheek. However the stories are good even if , as DH points out, his politics are very dodgy as are his rather liberal views on incest and Lolita style sex Definitely a product of his time! I believe most of them were written in the 50's/60's?

I'd recommend Glory Road, it's far more fantasy than some of his others.

Polgara2 Tue 19-Oct-04 23:17:37

Oh just noticed this thread, been watching tv and dozing . Yes of course I love David Eddings books, and Raymond E Fiest. As you have guessed loved Belgarath and Polgara most of all. Read everything loads of times. Most recently been reading Wheel of Time - R Jordan and Sword of Truth - Terry Goodkind. Can thoroughly recommend both these series but its a bit frustrating waiting for each instalment to come out don't you think. Usually like to read something a bit older that is complete when I buy them. Not very patient am I??? Haven't tried Mercedes Lackey yet.

Polgara2 Tue 19-Oct-04 23:20:27

Forgot to ask - have you read the Rivan Codex? Thought it would be a bit boring but actually enjoyed his explanations and ideas.

lydialemon Tue 19-Oct-04 23:21:30

Wheel of time is really good, but a total pita! I've just read the latest one but found I really need to reread the previous 9 (10?) as I can't remember what the hell is going on! They're not exactly short either.

Polgara2 - I'm very jealous of your name BTW wish I'd thought of it!

Polgara2 Tue 19-Oct-04 23:25:09

Hah you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get there. Every single name I thought of was already taken and then I thought of course my favourite character. Still had to put the 2 on the end though. So apologies to the person who put it in first but have never seen any postings??

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